[Mini-Review] A'some Lumious Lip Colour lipstick

9:36 PM

Hello, all!! It's been quite a while--it really has. I've been in a steady schedule of waking up at 4:30am, to be ready for work at 6am...then working until 3pm. I'll get home, be awake for an hour for two and then slip into bed after a shower, around like 7 or 8 pm...like an old lady! So, I've had limited free time (and energy) while getting used to my new schedule. I am so tired, but I like the new change.

In the AB world, I won one of 0.8L's recent Instagram giveaways. They've been posting a lot of those campaigns (thanks to you guys who've tagged me in them!!) and I finally won one!

(I'm going to let my pictures speak for themselves, and not write as much.)

I thought I'd write a quick post as the item I won came in the mail. I had caught the flu so I couldn't swatch it on my lips immediately--most of my online activity just...came to a halt. Almost a week later (as I write this) and I'm mostly better--my lips aren't chapped and dry anymore.

The lipstick is a beautiful rosy pink--one that I can never get enough of in my lipstick collection.  It swatches well but is surprisingly more sheer than say, Western lipsticks that tend to be pigmented in colour.  This lipstick however, is light, creamy and easy to use, especially for getting that light "natural" MLBB look that many Korean lip tints offer. You could definitely wear this at work, for a understated or professional look, or even as a lip primer for layering lipsticks...

The top swatch is three swipes and the bottom is a single swipe of the lipstick, on my forearm.

And a proper lip swatch:

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