Adventures: Seattle Haul (Daiso) - What I Bought And Why

9:39 PM

While up in Seattle yesterday, I also went to Daiso. The last time I went to Daiso was when I had went to San Fran last summer, but that was a smaller store and (of course) not in my area. Since my closest store is a good 1hr drive away, the last I had been up that way was...a good two or three years!

I'm not kidding; I just prefer going south and hitting up Uwajimaya down there, whenever I'm there.

Basically, I had been eyeing some items for a long while but just...didn't...get to a now, I've went to two and have gotten more than enough of a fix.

the goods

 Daiso is definitely dangerous. The range of cute but affordable products can of course take its toll on your wallet. In retrospect, keep in mind what you are looking for, or items you want to update, while keeping an open mind. 

beauty & whatnot

  • hand warmers - saving these for winter
  • foot patches
  • sheet mask for hands

  • airless essence bottle x2
  • eyelash case - FINALLY I FOUND ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • travel bottle set (so i can decant stuff when i'm away or at the bf's)

  • compressed masks (for diy sheet masking, but I'm planning to use remaining serum from sheet masks on these lol)
  • black q-tips
  • cute af fluffy face towels x2

  • false eyelashes
  • eyelash curler
  • a cute comb (for my makeup pouch but also potentially as a prop for the 'gram)

  • pink bins x4
  • pink cutlery case x2

I bought the four bigger containers with the sole intention of  rearranging the cupboard space underneath my bathroom BUT the containers are so cute that I want to either get more, or have them out and on display, like in my skincare area. (I'll have to just get more!!!!!)


  • pack of 12 pencils - these remind of the HB pencils I used as a kid
  • pen - for artsy stuff I guess?
  • letter set
  • sticky notes
  • postcards

  • journals - two gridded and two bullet; all for bullet journalling purposes
  • one blank paged journal - for the cute draws

  • vinyl pouch (planning to use as a makeup pouch tho lol, and for aesthetic on the 'gram as well)
  • pencil case (planning to use this as a sunglasses case or for everyday makeup, for the work bag, OR for my extra eyeliners)


  • pocky midi strawberry fromage
  • meiji choc
  • fettuccine gummy
  • karamucho hot chilli chips (wasn't hot at all lol)


  • clear tray - for my vanity or bedside table and probably also as a prop, in photos.
  • small strawberry shaped mini trash can - for my makeup vanity area; probably will store sponges in there

  • air freshener - it was cute....
  • cookie shaped cable holders - silicone but I wanted them for my purse, to stop my headphones from (magically, but mysteriously) tangling up.
  • mini chair - a cute prop for the 'gram!

  • clear vase - surprisingly good quality for the low price! I wanted it for room decor and as a prop!
  • fake sakura- for room decor and as a prop
  • (not pictured) toilet brush - it's in my bathroom already lol
  • (not pictured) paper set x2 - i already put them in my stash of goodies for my photography area.

Thanks for reading!

What have you guys hauled from Daiso recently? Let me know in the comment below, or tag me at over on Instagram!

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