Adventures: Seattle Haul (Uwajimaya) - What I Bought And Why

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Hello! I've been a good adult and been diligently saving my money. I've left my bank account be basically at a standstill throughout much of this month until my car payment came out on the 10th (so I'd for sure have enough $$) and insurance, yesterday, even though I've been in turn, using my credit card more food purchases. I've been good!

Yesterday, I went on a short, unexpected trip up north, to Seattle. I drove and mainly went for the driving practice (that was my first time of ME driving to Seattle) and also that I haven't been up there for almost two years, so I figured why not. In retrospect, I do prefer the roads south, towards Portland and will probably not do a drive north again for a long while--too much stress. Unless, there's a meetup....but,

Anyway, I did spend a little more than I anticipated but my plan was to buy a couple of products for my body, to expand/start a routine for the rest of my body.  I am also going on a no-buy until I use up more products, probably until October, and will be increasing the reviews on here again.
Compared my usual haunts at the Uwajimaya down in Beaverton, the Seattle store has a lot more range. During this visit, I realised two important things: a) Japanese products are generally more expensive than Korean and in turn, don't get as high of rabid following as Korean products do, especially on US-centric social media, but that doesn't mean that Japanese products are inherently bad or lesser quality that Korean products, so J-beauty deserves some love (including on my own SNS); and b) I really fucking love skincare!!!

Basically, I had a blast reading kanji and all the brand names on the products. I had forgotten how much Japanese I actually know, as I've been leaning toward trying to learn bits of Korean, and I just fell in love, all of again.

For the small area, Uwajimaya packs in A LOT of product.

This is the back wall, with most of the makeup items (should I say eye-tems), mostly eyeliner, mascara and lip care, plus tools. I saw a wide range of Herione Make and a bunch of Dolly Wink products--all of it was almost overwhelming.

Spotted Kumamon on the front of these organic skin creams, next to Dolly Wink lashes:

Directly underneath the back wall was more product. Right in the middle was where I found Kikumasamune mask packs (center front in photo), each containing 7 masks; the wipes and also My Beauty Diary eye masks (right)--something I've only seen on other folks' blogs.

A lot of goodies:

Hada Labo!!! I almost considering buying the Oil Cleanser ($18) but for that price, I knew I could buy it online off of eBay for more around $12. I also took some photos as visual reminders to myself of products to go look up Japanese review of, in the next couple of weeks--I definitely did not capture it all.

Loshi horse oil products are on the bottom shelf.

Lots of "whitening" bihada products and more Biore cleansing goodies. I did wonder about that Hada Labo Shirojun set (bottom shelf, right) and the price, but I didn't think to check ahahaha!

(continued in the same aisle)

I'm kind of regretting not picking up one of SANA's ZuboLabo emulsions. It's supposed to be an AIO type of lotion-y emulsion, available in a "morning" and "night" version.  On eBay, there's only the wipes available.  Yamibuy has them for about $12 something! I may consider trying it out later this year, once I've gone through more products.

More Kikumasamune!!!! There was a lot of range: emulsion, lotion (regular, high moist), and even an essence!? I didn't know they did an essence!!!

Kose Softymo + refills, and other Softymo items including some cleansers, to the left. The bottom shelf housed a decent range of foaming cleansers, mostly from Biore with a couple from Naive. I wish I had had more time to look at this area more--I wanted another foaming cleanser that is low pH but isn't as hard to source online as the Cow Brand one that I currently have (and love).

Unexpected, but there was a good range of Biroderma products! I have no thoughts, never tried them yet but I've read a lot of buzz.

Next to hefty stacks of Bifesta moist wipes on the middle shelf, I saw the Heroine Make eye make up remover and I meant to get it, but there's always next time. I'm sure I'll be back in a couple of months, hopefully for a meetup....? (I need the driving practice for high traffic city areas lol)

I'll make a list....:

Sheet mask heaven, start!!

There was a lot, no seriously--A LOT of sheet masks. Most where Japanese but I saw one (only ONE) with Korean with a nice selection of some MBD and My Scheming (Taiwanese) masks.

Lots of premium Pure Smile masks and those overpriced Narikiri masks ones, too. ALso the

More Pure Smile masks, just of the regular line ($1.50 ea.) and foot masks, below:

To the immediate left of all the Pure Smile masks, there was a nice selection of CHOOSY lip patches, including the lip scrub ($20).  I skipped on the scrub because of the price and the Tony Moly version is cheaper--makes me wonder, who did it first?

There was much so much!!

My Beauty Diary and My Scheming masks, with a lot of individual masks on the top shelf. I usually go to a different Asian market (usually when/if I'm further south) for these two brands as there's often sales and you can buy a box for around $7.99 to $10, depending on the sale prices and the "flavours". I didn't get a photo but there was also a nice selection of bigger mask packs (containing 6~8 masks) from various brands, including Pure Smile and Lululun, and a couple that I wasn't familiar with.

The next mini-aisle over had A LOT of bath salts (Ishizawa's Geranium, Bath Roman, Bison Bakkanto, plus some others). There was a Royal Milk Tea scent but I forgot the brand name, but that box was $10. Serious regretting not picking that up!!!!

Further on down that aisle was a nice selection of Kao's Megrhythm eye masks and other brands' versions, plus more foot care-related items.

At the counter, there were more items, behind the case. I spotted the popular DHC Cleansing Oil, nestled between other DHC goodies, and some Yu-Be items (far right)--I only recall them from being featured in Target, very recently.

Anyway, enough oogling, here's what I bought:

t h e  g o o d s
  • narisup vitamin c skin conditioner
  • dhc mild body shampoo
  • kikumasamune emulsion
  • biore u body wash refill - peach
  • bakkantou bath salts - juicy apple
  • kikumasamune mask pack - high moist
  • pure smile peach mask pack x2
  • kose babyish mask pack - moisture
  • lululun mask pack - marigold
  • meishoku rose lotion 
  • choosy lip sleeping pack- milk vanilla

b o d y

This Narisup Vitamin C Skin Conditioner ($8) was just for no reason at all, more on a whim. I thought it would be nice on my body, specifically my arms and chest. I plan to decant some into a small container either as a mist or one with an airless pump, for easier dispensing.

The DHC Mild Body Shampoo (should've been in the next photo lol) was an unexpected wildcard. The bottle details that it contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and aloe extract to help the skin be soft. There is a pump and it's supposed to be foaming--I want to use it on my back, mostly.

As I said towards the top of the post, I wanted products that I could use on my body.  I opted for the Kikumasamune emulsion ($12), with a plan to use it on my arms and legs so I can keep the regular Kikus lotion for my face and neck, as an FTE.

b a t h

Given that I adore peaches, I had to pick up another refill of Biore U's Peach Body Wash. It smells sweet and fruity but also happens to be low pH. This is an item that I have repurchased now like....eight or nine times?

I've seen these BISON Bakkanto bath salts on a couple of IG mutuals' feeds, but hadn't ever taken the plunge. There were bigger containers of Bath Roman and I was tempted by a Royal Milk Tea scent, but I wanted to try these hot bath salts. I picked up a single use packet of the Juicy Apple scent and will be saving them for after a gruesomely hard day at work (probably very soon!)

s h e e t  m a s k s

I actually was close to ordering a pack of BABYISH masks off of eBay (around $6) but I realised the seller was going to charge shipping on top of that amount, so I passed on it, keeping a mental note for later to try them out, at some later point.

When in sheet mask heaven at 'Waji's yesterday, I spotted these bad boys and thought, "why not?".  I thought the same thing for the Kikumasamune mask pack: I wanted to try them out, just once.

f a c e

Even though I'm a mild fan of rose scents, I've been wanting to try the Meishoku Rose Toner for a least a good year and half now. The tone is more like a skin conditioner and I plan to open it soon, after finishing up my Tony Moly I'm Real Rice Toner (3/4 the way there!!!), and using it on my face during PM routines. Or whenever I'm feeling fancy! I have dry/dehydrated skin so I've been focusing on a lot of products that both layer easily and work well with each other, and can hydrate my crusty dry, desert skin.

I've been eyeing CHOOSY's Lip Sleeping Pack for a couple of months as I've been wanting a affordable lip treatment, to help combat my dry lips at night and keep them soft, overnight. I didn't want to fork out for that Laneige lip pack yet but it's also on my future buying list!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for my Daiso haul from the same day! Let me know in the comments or on Instagram what Japanese products you're eyeing at the moment!

See you!

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