Sheet Mask Shenaningans: Recent Sheet Mask Empties ( + mini reviews)

11:12 AM

It's that time again where I chat about my recent sheet mask empties, in another installment of Trash Talk. Here's my collected sheet mask #empties from over the last two months. Let's go!!!

masks mentioned in this post:

  • tsaio super firming mask x2
  • tony moly golden mushroom mask sheet
  • the cream shop fusion sheet mask - caffe/mocha
  • holika holika juicy mask - pomegranate (review here)
  • my scheming bird's nest collagen hydrating mask
  • my scheming green tea & barely whitening mask
  • my beauty diary mask sheet - black pearl, caviar
  • innisfree it's real squeeze mask - pomegranate (review here), black berry
  • tony moly im real face mask sheet - avocado x2
  • leaders stop the clock #4 - anti-aging
  • tony moly im real face mask sheet - rice x2
  • tony moly im real face mask sheet - broccoli, maekgolli, pomegranate (review here)
  • choosy lip mask - honey (review here)
  • purederm dark circle reducer patch
  • mediheal e.g.t essence gel eye patch
  • it's skin butterfly eyes mask sheet (review here)
  • kao megrhythm steam eye mask - lavender x2 (video here) (audio is in jp)

tsaio super firming mask x2

I didn't realise I hadn't finished these yet, but I had a couple left in my stash still!! I really enjoy this mask for its amount of extra essence. Basically, this is my go-to mask when I don't want to use a "fancy" sheet mask, or one I plan to review (and don't want that stress of having to take photos while I use it).

tony moly golden mushroom mask sheet

I forget where I bought this (it was likely ULTA, during a sale) but I felt very underwhelmed by this mask. It felt like the regular mask with minimal essence and average hydration. The matching sleeping pack is equally as underwhelming....

the creme shop fusion sheet mask - caffe/mocha

Surprisingly, I liked these masks enough to buy a second box. The coffee extract help to give my skin an extra boost. Most of all, I enjoy the hydrated glow my face gets after using this mask.

holika holika juicy mask - pomegranate

This was a bit of a "meh" for me, specifically the Pomegranate type. Holika Holika does good masks, but they're good--not outstanding. Just, good. Average. The cotton sheet is a little thicker than most (definitely thicker than the Tony Moly I'm Real line of masks) and is a fair amount of essence, but the essence tends to feel sticky on my face afterward, unless I really pat it in, which defeats the purpose of getting #sheetfaced .

my scheming masks

A go-to for me. Out of the two, I prefer the Green Tea & Barely Whitening mask, mostly for the green tea extracts and for how thin the essence is-I've repurchased twice, now. Spreading the extra essence on my arms, neck and legs is a bonus for me.

my beauty diary mask sheet - black pearl, caviar

I really adore the Black Pearl because time and time again, I see results. After use, I'll wake up with soft skin the following morning, but I don't get the same impact on my moisture barrier with some of the other MBD flavours (that I've tried, to date). The Caviar was just...ok; nothing to write home about, but still over some mighty damn fine hydration.

innisfree it's real squeeze masks

Eh, I liked these masks but they also seemed mildly faux organic, with too strong of a scent. I'll give it time and think about it some more, with a better review.....!

leaders stop the clock #4 - anti-aging

Surprisingly, I picked up this up from a local ROSS store, for an equally surprisingly low price. While Leaders has a reputation for making good sheet masks, I didn't enjoy this particular mask "flavour".

The mask essence left my face sticky, and hot--the masks are well within the expiry date. So, I've let the remainder of the box sit towards the back of my stash....

tony moly im real face mask sheets - various

A definite fan favourite, for me. I've repurchased several types of the I'm Real mask line, but the Makgeolli, Rice and Avocado types are my faves. The Makgeolli (my top fave!!!) seems to brighten my face and make it soft, while the Rice helps tone and the Avocado helps with hydration and other goodies.

My best advice is to order from Amazon or eBay as a set, for the lowest cost and best value: 10 or 11 masks for anywhere from USD$9 to $11, compared to 3.75 ea., or 2 for $7 at ULTA or Sephora, respectively (or other US-based major online retailers, specifically ones with a bustling K-beauty interest in its e-commerce.)

The Broccoli was OK but nothing noticeably outstanding. I've previously compared this particular Pomegranate to two other brands' masks of the same ingredient, in a comparison review.

various goodies
I've already reviewed the Choosy lip mask and enjoyed some gorgeously soft lips. The Purederm eye patches, while cheap--were a major miss for me. They felt drying, while leaving a slightly oil-like residue on the under eye area.

Mediheal makes great products and while I really enjoy the results of these patches, they can cut into my under eye area if I look downward while wearing them. I'm just trying to use them up, now.

it's skin butterfly eyes mask sheet

I've previously written a more in-depth review of this mask, so I won't go too detailed. Basically, I did enjoy it and see some results, but wouldn't necessarily fork out again for this, and just...get the necessary hydration from a regular, ol' sheet mask. Fun to use, though.

kao megrhythm steam eye mask - lavender x2

First, I made a concept video (not sponsored...but hmu?) just for giggles, over on my Instagram. The audio is in Japanese and it didn't get the hits I was hoping for, but oh well.

Honestly, these eye masks look a little silly BUT they work! The mask really helps calm your eye area down with heat, and is super relaxing.

Thanks for reading. Time for some recycling! 

Good night!

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