Sheet Mask Shenanigans: Honey - P A R T O N E ( + Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee Venom) (Various Brands)

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For this time of Sheet Mask Shenanigans, I'm focusing on a handful of masks from different brands that contains honey as a main ingredient, in one big ol' mega review. I'm also extending this to royal jelly, propolis and bee venom, just for review purposes (I'm trying to get through more of my stash!).

Also, I've taken the time to review these masks over about two weeks, not all in one sitting. One mask, as highlighted in red text was received for free via 0.8L, in exchange for an honest review. I've already completed the review but thought I would included it in this honey themed post!

masks reviewed in this post:
  • soo ae propolis mask
  • pure smile royal jelly essence mask
  • etude house i need you royal jelly! mask sheet
  • welcos jeju natural canola honey mask
  • koelf cosmetic gold royal jelly
  • missha pure source cell sheet mask - honey

    😍 - love it, would rp multiple times
    😎 - it's cool, maybe rp/already rp'd
    😕 - maybe rp but not sure, bc various reasons. maybe if on sale or for a review
    💩 - nrp

    First, a jam:  Hyukoh - TOMBOY

    soo ae propolis mask😎
    I picked up this a while at my local Walmart store more than a few months ago, when they first had the end cap display of sheet masks. It's time to use it!

    The literature on the back of this Soo Ae mask packet goes into slight detail on its unique Tencel "non-woven fabric" technology within the mask, but in reality, it's just marketing. I could care less because most masks have some kind of "unique" layered cotton fabric. Instead, the sheet mask easily stretches out; both the eye holes, chin and mouth area sagged.

    That aside, I felt relaxed. I had taken a warmer than usual shower a couple of hours prior and hadn't done any of my routine, besides removing my makeup and basic cleansing--no toner. I left the mask on for about 10 mins, and experienced a mild boost of hydration.

    My face did feel sticky for a bit, if the essence hadn't completely sank in yet and was just sitting on top of my skin. With clear essence (no extras), there is an actual honey scent--surprising! There's also some good extracts (vit E, witch hazel, natto, wheat amino acids) that help nourish the skin and provide hydration.

    pure smile royal jelly essence mask😎/😕
    I'm going to be very real: I wholehearted understand the hype for Pure Smile masks--I now have a couple in my stash. But I honestly don't see the excitement, now, especially if I'm paying near $1.50 or closer to $2 per mask.

    Containing Royal Jelly extract as main ingredient (plus natto gum, hydrolyzed collagen and sodium hyaluronate), this particular mask aims to brighten while providing moisture to the skin. This mask is also 15th is the essence mask series.

    The mask is a thin, silky cotton type with a clear, runny essence. Surprisingly, there is some extra essence but nowhere near the realm of Taiwanese sheet mask brands. With a slight, sweet honey-like scent, the mask felt cool on the skin.

    The odd part: the fit. The chin area wouldn't stay in place, but that may be just my face.

    etude house i need you royal jelly! mask sheet 😕

    This mask has a nice range of extracts (aloe, ginkgo bilboa, honey suckle, peach, etc) to help with getting dat "chok chok" level of hydration and smoothness. The essence is a watery but milky, creamy goop. As you unfold the mask, there isn't much additional essence and the honey scent seems more on the artificial, sweet side.

    I was surprised at the fit--besides the oddly stretched out eye holes, the rest of the mask seem to mold around the contours of my face well, without  bunching up or sagging of the cotton mask. I left this Etude House mask on for about 15 mins, while rewatching Kagi no Kakatta Heya. Afterwards, my face felt sticky, but cool and relaxed.

    The eye holes, though......!

    welcos jeju natural canola honey mask😎/😕

    Much like like the Soo Ae Propolis mask, this honey mask from Welcos had an ill embarrassing levels! I didn't expect it to conform completely to my face, but the Welcos mask didn't stay on the lower half of my face and the mouth area just tore.

    Now fit aside, the mask left my face incredibly soft. The clear, runny, honey-infused essence helped to make my crusty, dehydrated face a little less crusty (I"m not even kidding!!!!!). After leaving the mask on for about 10 mins, my cheeks felt cool, but soft. There was a slight tacky feeling, but no major, or overly noticeable sticky residue.

    The fit was so sad....

    So even thought I'd sway away from repurchasing largely because of the fit, I actually would welcome (with open arms) to repurchasing again, just for the results the mask gave to my skin. I have the rest of the box to use for now, so I need to put my big girl pants on and deal! 😎

    koelf cosmetic gold royal jelly😎/😕

    Marketed as the "mask pack for elves", this mask was just so extra. I picked this up from TJ Maxx fairly recently while on a road trip and didn't really expect much of anything.

    The mask is a hydrogel type and contains gold flakes that are embedded in the mask sheet.  Looks a lot more like glitter, but also phemonominal in photos.

    Unwrapping the mask from the packet, reveals a two-piece, slightly thick hydrogel mask. It was annoying hard to keep on my fae (it kept slipping) despite being in two pieces.

    Performance-wise, the mask did hydrate but seemed heavy and not breathable--I'm not really one for hydrogels that are on the thicker side.  It also felt more like a gimmick.

    I did double mask by using a set of Mediheal gel eye patches underneath. It just didn't feel like....enough...hydration, at least to the level that I'm used to.

    missha pure source cell sheet mask - honey

    Earlier this month, I received this mask courtesy from 0.8L, in exchange for an honest review.

    As I wrote in my caption on my IG, Missha has marketed this particular mask line as "pure", as it's seemingly made with natural extracts and all that good good. The honey type features saccharomyces/ honey filtrate as a main ingredient which helps give moisture to the skin.

    This mask was also a thin cotton type, soaked in a thin, clear, runny but not sticky essence. Unfolding it was easy.


    Prior to using the mask, I cleansed my face with that Cow Brand low pH foaming cleanser and slapped on some Kikumasamune. I left the mask on for about 15 mins and the mask stayed moist, leaving my soft equally as moist. I was surprised that it didn't dry up. 

    Also the fit was surprisingly just right for my white ass round face....:

    Thanks for reading! 

    A second installment of this honey series will be coming soon--stay tuned!

    P A R T  T W O 
    (coming soon)

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