REVIEW: DHC Medicated Lip Creme (Milky Pink Case) - First Impressions

11:05 PM

I posted on my Instagram yesterday about trying out DHC's ever popular medicated lip cream. Luckily, I found a Japan-based seller on eBay, one who wasn't overpriced. I paid at around the $8 mark, so I was super pleased (these are hard to find under $10 online, usually found around $13 or higher) to try this out, finally!

Basically, I wanted two things to come: to find a lip balm type of product to properly hydrate my lips for a longer duration of time (without getting that gross feeling) and of course, to see the hype for myself, so here we are.

First, a jam:

As I said just before, I wanted a lip balm that would a) properly hydrate my lips and more importantly: keep them hydrated while moving around, at work. Even if I keep myself hydrated throughout the day, my lips are the first to show signs of any dryness. Sadly though, I tend to develop chapped lips, during the winter.

dhc medicated lip creme |DHC薬用リップクリーム

According to DHC's site, the brand has sold over 518 million units since its initial release, back in 1999 up until mid 2016.  Over the years, the ever popular lip cream has made its place in makeup pouches with countless repackaging changes and releases, with collaborations ranging from Disney and Sanrio characters, and also a small selection of tints.

This first impressions review is for the plain, ol' lip cream, sans colour lip cream, in the "milky pink case".  Cute and compact, the lip cream is easy to grab and store in a pocket, makeup bag or purse. The cap stays on and the product easily twists for quick application.

DHC's popular lip cream is made with olive oil and contains aloe extract, vitamin E, to help with moisture retention and skin conditioning. It also contains no additives, no parabens and is scent-free, aimed for those with dry, chapped lips.

Of the literature on the back of the paper insert (above right), the three heart bullet points details that the balm:
荒れ乾燥を防ぐ- defends against chapped lips and dryness
うるおいツヤ 続く - continues/retains gloss and moisture
やわらか べたつかない - soft; not sticky
All round, this is a "no-frills" lip product, designed to simply condition the lips, keep them hydrated and moist, and most importantly, for a longer amount of time.

Seeing this product in action was a little hard to capture; below is a nice close up of my lips. The top photo is my bare, dry lips and the bottom is with the lip cream on, in one layer. My lips do have a lot of fine lines on them at the moment but once the lip cream is applied, my lips are visibly shiny and feel soft.

Hours later, I felt my lips being as soft as when I applied the balm--something I've never, ever experienced with any lip balm with any remote moisturizing properties. I definitely felt a veil protecting my lips (as it says on the back, in large, pink text: なめらかヴェール守るprotect the lips with a soft veil) and can readily vouch for the rampant hype of DHC's lip cream for a long while.

I would apply the lip cream at work mid-afternoon, soon after clocking in, and towards my lunch break (a good four hours later), my lips were still noticeably soft--even after drinking from a water bottle countless times, talking during those four hours and being out in the elements. Or applying before a lipstick and seeing the lipstick look better on my lips, than without. My lips didn't form that gross, white line of gunk after a longer passage of time. Also, the boyfriend commented on how soft my lips were, so the hype is real, and warranted. I love you, DHC.

Thanks for reading!

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