Hair Shenanigans: Going Purple

12:34 AM

Hello! As I posted on my Instagram recently, I decided to go purple.

My inspo was this kind of lilac purple:

root touch up
lighten bangs and crown area

my last salon visit was in mid May; my hair was a nice platinum blonde except for the front crown and my bangs, which had slight yellow tint to them.

A true before, with #real bedhead:

Basically, the plan was to touch up some light root regrowth, tackle the slight yellow tone issue before adding any purple to my hair. So pumped!

Gettin' those roots done!


The result was a nice blonde, again:

Ready for the first round of purple. The girl doing my hair used two tubes of Pulp Riot, in Lilac, mixed with a dollop of Blush to give a pink undertone to the purple. This was a vegan semi permanent dye (much like Manic Panic) so you'd need a lot to completely saturate the hair.

Looking like Alfalfa, right now:

Unfortunately (white cute), this Pulp Riot dye didn't take to my hair completely and ended up being patchy....


To get a more vibrant shade of purple instead of basically toning the hair, she went back with Parvana's ChromaSilk Vivids, in the purple shade. She still mixed in a pink to make a pink undertone to the purple.

When she applied it to my hair, it took less product to saturate my hair while covering more of my hair.

Peep @ this hair:

The end result was this gorgeous purple, that's more vibrant but still within the lilac tones that I originally hoping for. I definitely couldn't do this on my own, but I adore how it's turned out!!!!!

I've never been purple before, but I now love it!!!!

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