REVIEW: Holika Holika x Gudetama Lazy & Joy Cupcake Eyeshadow Palette - 01 Red Velvet (FIRST IMPRESSIONS, SWATCHES & QUICK DEMO)

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Hello all!
I've been high key lusting over this mini quad palette since its release late last 2016, but the prices were steadily hovering around $12 to $16 on eBay. I scored recently as I noticed some sellers that I usually order from had lowered the prices--I bought this for around $8, which is much, much closer to Korean prices!

This is the cutest palette in my collection, hands down.

홀리카홀리카 구데타마 ver2 컵케익 아이섀도우 1호 레드벨벳

With cute packaging in collaboration with Sanrio Korea, this adorable limited edition palette is available in two editions, #1 Red Velvet and #2 Tiramisu. Across the two palettes, the shadows collectively give a nice selection of basic "nude" and neutral shades, but trendier.

At first impression, this eye shadow palette is seemingly a good value for money. The shadows are soft, do blend and are in colours that could suit pale to medium skin tones for the fall/winter season and look good both with and without a primer (but a primer definitely helps). Also, it could be a start for those venturing into makeup, or looking to replace quads with Korean makeup brands.

I opted for #1 Red Velvet because I preferred the warm vibes in the shades over the ones in #2--the second type seems too cool for the brown tones while #1 seems more versatile for everyday wear, and more glam looks. Since using this palette for about a week now, I'm deeply considering buying #1 to replace my Naked Basics palette.

A cute CM, for this collection:

The palette is square and opens up cleanly to a large mirror (I haven't removed the plastic yet) and four sizeable eye shadow pans, covered by a cute protective piece of plastic.

What no other review seems to say that is that printed on the plastic protective cover is actually a 4-panel comic. In this type, Gudetama's shell is broken, beaten with a whisk then made into a cupcake, as illustrated below:

 Poor Gudes! :~(

s  w  a  t  c  h  e  s

This is what y'all are really itching for! For photo purposes, I've switched to white paper so my phone can pick up the colours correctly and accurately. There will be a couple types of swatches, so enjoy!

Also, the names of the shades loosely correspond to ingredients of a red velvet cupcake (Korean style, perhaps...) and help to contribute to the red velvet theme of the palette. *clenches fist* So cute!!!

  • 1 - earl grey chiffon | 얼그레이 쉬폰  - a warm tan (matte), likened to the colour of the inside cake part of an earl grey chiffon cake. Looks good!!
  • 2 - red sugar | 레드슈가   - the only glitter shade - a muted rose pink with gold shimmer.
  • 3 - red velvet | 레드벨벳   - a trendy ocher "rust" brown (matte). Also love the girl group, Red Velvet!!!
  • 4 - dark chocolate | 다크초코  - This is the darkest shade; a sultry warm brown with a golden yellow undertone (matte).

Sadly, with no primer underneath, the shadows are a little faint--especially the first shade, earl grey chiffon.  Here are my arm swatches of all four shadows, no primer:

d  e  m  o

Since I have hooded eyes (I'm not MUA either), here's a look, still sans a primer. The best two shadow of the palette are by far red sugar and red velvet. Both shades are versatile and can definitely be worn on its own or be combined with other shadows fro outside this eye shadow quad--which I recommend.

I found that using a simple eyelid primer bought out the shadow pigments, and let them stick to my eyes for longer (duh!). Basically, use a primer. I used Etude House's Proof 10 Eyelid Primer--a supposed dupe for UD Primer Potion--and saw better results:

w h e r e  t o  b u y

Gudeness gracious! Thanks for reading~

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