Sheet Mask Shenanigans: Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Mask - Rose (Vitalizing)

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Hello all! Recently, when I saw that Tony Moly was releasing the first round of new masks (Rose and Cactus) on their USA account, via Instagram stories, I was poised, ready to try them. As always, my local ULTA was slow was asses and only got them much after the fact. I suspect this may the same for the other newer masks (that tea one, charcoal, honey, peach, etc), that are seemingly currently a only "exclusive" or from Tony Moly USA's website.

By sheer luck, I spotted a couple of the Rose masks (no cactus....) and bought one for $3.75. A bit pricey.....but that means it's time for a review!

tony moly i'm real sheet mask - rose (vitalizing)🌹
This rose "flavour" is designed to give moisture and energy back to tired skin, with rose and pearl extracts. I didn't expect much difference between this and the other regular I'm Real mask flavours, as for me, any moisture seems to do the trick for my desert dry skin!

A good manufacture date (2017.05.08):

Tearing open the packet reveals the stock standard cotton sheet, as like the other masks of the I"m Real line. The mask is of a medium thickness: not as thicc as Holika Holika Juicy masks but certainly not thin like a silk mask, a la MBD or My Scheming masks, and has enough essence to drench the mask sheet with little extra essence.

The back of the mask packet recommends 20 to 30 mins but I left this mask on, shy of 15 mins. After, my face did feel soft but probably only because: a) I did my routine and b) I sheetmasked. It wasn't because I used a particular mask; my face just got hydrated.

I posted on my Instagram (as seen below) of my first impression thoughts. Basically, while I saw a boost in hydration, this particular Rose mask didn't offer anything outstanding that any other mask couldn't.  Once is definitely ok, but anything more seems foolish.

🌹 🌹 here's a quick af first impressions #review of @tonymoly.official @tonymoly.us_official vitalizing rose mask sheet !!! 🌹 🌹 . . it's super exciting to see tony moly bringing out new masks in the i'm real line!!! super pumped to hunt around for the tea and peach ones!!!! so this is me checking out the newer masks lol . i picked this up for 3.75 from my local @ultabeauty site unexpectedly!! afaik most of the "newer" flavours are seemingly a tony moly US exclusive, available only on the US site and now over on . anyway more is on the latest post on my blog but pretty much this mask was ok but i still prefer the makgeolli one the most! 💦💦 at best, this rose mask just gave a minimal amount of hydration to my face but nothing noticeably outstanding....🌹 🌹 . the fit was pretty ok and i enjoyed the gentle rose scent (just the right amount of 🌹🌹) . would i RP??? nah, once was good but like the visible results that the makgeolli and even the rice flavor gives me: brightening and a noticeable moisture boost...but this rose one, not so much 💦💦 . gonna go to bed soon and am looking forward to waking up refreshed!! i'm going back to work tomorrow (today is my sunday....not sure if i'm ready for it all lol) but i get to see the bf, so All Is Good 👌🏼✨ . . . . . #rasianbeauty #abcommunity #kbeauty #koreanskincare #skincare #bblogger #instabeauty #sheetmask #maskpack #skincarejunkie #化粧品 #薔薇 #フェイスパック #シートマスク #マスクパック #韓国スキンケア #スキンケア #保湿 #화장품 #1일1팩 #스킨케어 #마스크 #팩 #마스크팩 #토니모리 #장미
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The fit was pretty average but I usually don't complain (I'm not Asian so these masks aren't targeted towards my non-Asian face shape, and that's a-ok!). The chin area though usually sags on me, so I have to regularly smooth that area down, to keep the mask on my face better. 

Also masks never usually fit over my nose bridge unless it's a two-piece mask (ya girl is Lazy..... otherwise I'd cut regular masks....but.....effort....and sanitation.....)

🌹 🌹 w h e r e  t o  b u y 🌹 🌹

Thanks for reading! I'm looking to seriously destash my sheet mask stash and get a bunch of review up in the coming weeks, so be ready for it!

Good night! 🌹 🌹

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