Trash Talk: Recent Empties (AB & Western) - August 2k17

3:39 PM

It's recycling week, so it's time for another round of Trash Talk, where I go through that Sephora bag under my makeup desk! This is a collective mix of empties, of skincare, makeup and hair products.
s k i n c a r e

hada labo gokujun milk - I wanted to like this but eh....I will stick to the Gokujun lotion instead and look elsewhere for a watery/runny emulsion. This "milk" type of emulsion/lotion gave some hydration but it felt so hot and sticky each time I used it, and added this weird layer of grease to my skin (I have dry skin), that no other product does. It probably works better if you're oily, though....
tony moly pocket bunny mist moist - my favourite mist! I use this as a mist and a makeup primer, sometimes also as a setting spray. It smells so nice and is affordable.

laneige water sleeping mask mini - the mini to my favourite sleeping pack! I use this whenever I travel or more recently, staying over at the bf's place. It's also a way to decant into a smaller container, for ease of use.

holika holika aloe 99% soothing gel mini - good but the mini size is a little inconvenient...I like to sather this on my body, especially if I've gotten sunburnt.

mizon good night white sleeping mask - would RP, but in the bigger tub! This gave my rosacea a nice round of love and rest and I enjoyed the fresh, slightly medicinal scent to this wonderful gel sleeping pack!

cosrx ultimate nourishing rice overnight mask - broke me out each time I tried to use it, NRP, never, ever. The mask was too thick and even if I applied in a thin layer, or only in one area, I would break out with a massive pimple or a cluster of whiteheads in that area only.

m a k e u p

etude house my lash serum - the idea of this clear (hydrating? lengthening?) eye lash serum/mascara is nice but it got gloopy in the tube extremely quickly. On my lashes, it was better used as like....a sleeping pack, but on the lashes--you could get the same result by putting the tiniest amount of your regular sleeping pack on your lashes, right before bedtime but keeping in mind not to get it in your eyes. The lash serum didn't dry well and sometimes my lash would stick together! Probably NRP, at this point.

missha m magic cushion no. 21 refill - this is my go-to cushion and I'm practically at the end of my current refill, so it's time to reorder the refill (continuing with using my original case lol). I enjoy and have repurchased this cushion multiples times, mostly for its light to medium coverage and affordability. The cushion foundation can be set with a powder to extend its wearing power but also looks great with a setting spray or mist, for a dewy look (I prefer this method). Most notably, it covers my redness well and makes my face look...normal....!

vant 36.5 vt essence gold pact - I (still) had the Vant 36.5 cushion pact from when I reviewed it back sometime last year. I received this cushion via 0.8L USA in exchange for an honest review.   I kept it as a reminder to either a) purchase a refill or b) purchase a different Vant 36.5 cushion....that's maybe not a cream type of cushion....? Plus, it looked pretty. In all honestly though, it as hard to use and I ended up burning through more product trying to get the water droplets to come out!

holika holika aqua petit jelly bb cream - I actually finished this quite a while ago but misplaced where I put this almost empty. I purposely kept about one last uses worth in the bottle, in case I wanted to review it but I never Got Around To It. Now, I'm just trying to declutter! I liked this "bouncy" BB cream foundation for its texture and lightweight finish. I had to use a damp beauty blender sponge and be sure to set with a setting spray. I also needed to set my under eyes with a sweep of powder, for longer wear. The best part: this canceled out my redness, making my face appear less...fiery!

h a i r  &  e t c.

ichikami rice shampoo refill - always RP! This is my favourite shampoo from before and while I was blonde, and still while I've been pink and now, purple. It smells absolutely wonderful and doesn't now fade my colour too fast, while help to retain some moisture in my hair. I should purchase the condition soon....

etude house silk scarf moist mist - a refreshing mist for the hair. I spritz this over my hair after my lunch while at work, or before I know I'm meeting up with the bf (so I smell even better when I go to kiss him lol). The scent is sweet but a mix between flowers and a strong musk.

biore u peach body wash refill - this has been a frequent RP for most of my Uwajimaya hauls, primarily that this body is low pH and leaves my body soft while smelling sweet like peaches. I'm going to try the rose scent soon (for some variety in my life lol), but always RP!!! I have three backup refills but I adore this so much!

o t h e r  g o o d i e s

l'occitane cleansing oil mini - I wanted to like this but the scent kills me! It doesn't emulsify with water well and just......sits there....on the skin. Instead, I've found another use! I've been using this as a brush cleaner, specifically for my sponges. It works ok--doesn't work well on air puffs--that's what Softymo and some baby shampoo is for!

nyx matte finish setting spray - the dewy version is better, even if you don't desire dewy skin.
philosophy apricots and cream hand cream - limited set from the 2016 holiday season, if I remember correctly. I wish I could RP!! This bad boy smells literally like fresh, whipped cream and ripe apricots, just chilling there in a cool, summer breeze. #mood

acure facial cleansing gel - I already RP'd but I like this citrus scented gel cleanser for the AM, for when I plan on not wearing makeup but may wake up early (so I'll want to feel very refreshed). It's also is a good gel alternative for whenever I run out of the Cosrx low pH cleanser (vastly different scents but same gel-like texture).


d r y  s h a m p o o

    • batiste - neon
    • herbal essences naked
    • living proof perfect hair day dry shampoo mini
    • tresemme fresh start volumizing dry shampoo mini
    • klorane dry shampoo with oat milk mini
    • herbal essences bio renew dry shampoo mini
    If you have coloured hair (natural or unnatural colours), I would recommend none of these as they will help the gorgeous colour fade from your hair.

    That aside, my favourites were Batiste (as always). A close runner up is a mini of Living Proof's dry shampoo--which I got from a coworker, along with the Tresemme (and a Dove mini size that I'm currently working on)--it smelled not as perfumed as I had expected, but gave my hair a nice texture. Other dry shampoos often make my hair dry and chalky, or severely strip it of all the oil--more than dry shampoo is supposed to.

    I currently have a BEAUTIFUL pinkish purple mess on my head and the best has been either Batiste, or surprisingly, the Dove dry shampoo. Suave's dry shampoo while it smells lovely and is very cheap (usually under USD$3), turns my hair into chalk and doesn't last throughout a long, hot day at work.

    Thanks for reading through my thoughts about my recent empties (trash). Let's take out the recycling now!

    Good night!

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