Sheet Mask Shenanigans: My sheet mask usage over the past two plus weeks....

10:58 PM

The It's that time again: looking at my trash so I can throw it out!!!

Here's a lengthy post, detailing the array of sheet masks I've used over the past two weeks or so and some accompanying thoughts of each mask.

my beauty diary natto

Collectively, I went through four of these over the past almost two weeks. I originally picked the box up at Marshalls...? more than a few months ago, along with a box of MBD Caviar for 12.99 ea.  The Natto type is much like the other MBD "flavours", dripping with extra essence that can be used on the rest of your body or decanted for later use. The mask is pretty hydrating and I've been able to leave the mask on overnight, removing it when I wake up in the morning,

naisture red wine & collagen mask packs

In my limited experience, Naisture masks are kinda overly scented--but pleasant--and the essence is milky, rather than water-y and clear.

Neither the Red Wine or Collagen mask stayed on my face for long (no more than 10 mins!) because both had dried out quickly. The Collagen seemed more lack-luster in performance, despite providing a soft, smooth surface for makeup application later on. The milky essence of both masks was weird but I enjoyed the scent of the Red Wine mask (like grape soda) more than the perfume musk of the Collagen mask.

the creme shop collagen face mask

I went through three of these (mostly out of desperation), but I will say that I'm not much of a fan of this line of masks. While the fit is ok, the extra flaps to cover the eyes is a novelty and the mask itself is too thick and doesn't mold well to the face. It tends to dry out quickly and didn't provide much more hydration to my face.

my beauty diary apple & hyaluronic acid masks

I'm not much a fan of the Apple "flavour" but I will still use them--it's more of a "meh" for me. I do prefer the results of the hyaluronic acid mask. I can leave most MBD masks (so far that I've tried) on my face while I sleep, and remove it in the morning--I will wake up with soft, fresh skin and will only need to splash some water over my cheeks.

too cool for school egg cream mask

Surprisingly, I came to like this mask. The essence was dripping, messy and milkier than I had expected. Also, cold. I never refrigerated this mask but it was incredibly cold, so my face become cold and refreshed after use.

I slapped this on before going to work. I have another one that will be part of a more in depth review, so I will save some of my thoughts until then.

mediheal pumpkin ade mask

I wish this smelled like pumpkin, but no, it isn't even in the same realm of pumpkin. From tearing open the packet, the floral scent hits your nose and it's just....too much. A more in-depth, less than stellar review is coming up!

leaders brightening recovery gel mask

This gel mask felt weird...but nice and pretty refreshing. Since the mask is a gel type, it molded easily to my face, even around the nose area.  That's kind of all I have to say for now as I'm saving my thoughts for later.

my scheming apple brightening & hydrating mask

I think I may gravitate to this apple mask more, than to the My Beauty Diary apple "flavour". So far that I've noticed, the My Scheming mask seems to be more hydrating and brightening, with a longer lasting effect, compared to

holika holika juicy mask sheet - soothing aloe

I'm neither here or there about Holika Holika's line of sheet masks. They work marvelously (I wake up with soft, hydrated skin in the morning, or will have refreshed skin, ready to slap makeup on before running off to work) but they can be a bit too thick on my face, on some nights.

I haven't decided yet of how much I really like them--more on this later...

Bye for now! Time to throw out my trash~!

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