Review: Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Lip Balm - #2 Beet Jam & #4 Peach Melba

8:11 PM

The Too Cool For School Dinoplatz lip tints are certainly a cute novelty, with clean packaging and eye-catching, cute illustrations.

I had seen these online but hadn't thought much of them until I saw them much later at a local stand alone Sephora. The cuteness of the illustrations probably pushed me to buy them, but now it's time to review the two shades I have purchased: #2 Beet Jam, a bright berry red and #4 Peach Melba, a pale peach.

I had purchased both tins at a local stand alone Sephora (on two separate occasions) for $15.  The price does seem a little steep, in that you're paying an inflated price for the outside packaging, but other online retailers show a similar price.

The illustrations though are just. so. CUTE!!

real talk

The lip balms are easy to use: unscrew the cap and go.

Unfortunately though, the most annoying thing about these lip balms are the lids. Where it screws into the bottom is hard to reattach and is very easily to screw on wrong, making it hard to unscrew for later use.

Let's take a closer look!

#4 peach melba

This shade is a light peach tone and is easily wearable for professional settings or a minimal makeup look, especially for more naturally pigmented lips.

The gloss is light, easily to spread on the lips but this particular shade feels more like a goopy balm on the lips. The best part however, is the peach scent after opening the tin--the smell dissipates fairly quickly after applying on the lips, and applies like a regular lip balm. Nothing too exciting beyond that, though.

#2 beet jam

This shade was a little harder to photograph: in the tin, it looks closer to a blood orange red but when you swatch, it seems more like a pink red (also my artificial lighting wasn't working well, hence the colour differences in the two photos below).

This is my favorite shade so far as it looks like a wearable red, suitable for an everyday "natural" or work looks, without having to apply a lip tint--something that can be striking! I wear it at work pretty often for whenever I want to look cute, but I'm rushing out the door or planning on sweating a lot but still wanting to look cute af.

I did find that unlike the Peach Melba shade (mine may have been old), the Beet Jam shade feels like jelly--like it is apparently supposed to be!? When pressing your fingers gently into the tin, it's meant to be bouncy...? I wish my tin of the Peach Melba was like this.... :'''(

The scent reminds me of the classic ol' cherry Chapstick, with a mix of strawberries. It lasts for a couple of hours but tends to transfer slightly when eating or drinking from a bottle.

The big question: is it worth it? At $15 ea., no. No way. Honestly, you could get by with other basic lip balms for a fraction of the price (still lust after the cute ass illustrations on the tin and boxes though, lmao) and also use a lip tint as desired. You'd need to be strong and ignore the cute dinosaurs though........

What is key is that really, the Too Cool For School Dinoplatz line of lip balms are a combination of a balm and lip tint and is likely designed to cut down on the amount of lip products a person may use in a daily routine. With this in mind, as long as you can find them cheaper elsewhere, then it's a pretty ok path to venture down, otherwise, nope.

See you!

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