[Sponsored] Mini-Review: Tosowoong Makeon Bronze Spectrum Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner Set

10:43 PM

Wow, this review has been in the making for quite a while! Honestly, I've had a lot of things happening: settling into a new position in the morning at work but being completely physically, emotionally and mentally drained five days a week, planning and saving money for a potential trip to San Francisco, to renew my Australian passport, as well as a number of mini-reviews over on my Instagram!

I received this Tosowoong Makeon Bronze Spectrum Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner Set (Season 3) from RoseRoseShop for review purposes, however all my opinions are my own.

I had reviewed the Tosowoong Makeon Dual Shaking Lip Tint / Spicy Glosses pretty recently and thought I'd save reviewing this Tosowoong eyeliner set for a later time, rather than hurriedly lump it into the previous post. Admittedly, I also didn't know how I felt about this product--I just wasn't sure. I needed time.

But here we are! I have opinions!!

First thing's first: I'm digging the clean design of the outside box--yellow is really striking--but the tin.... While cute, the illustration of a very Katy Perry-esque Egyptian queen on the front of the tin changes the entire theme and general aesthetic the product creates. It even seems to cheapen the theme of the eyeliner set, making it seem geared towards tweens, rather than a more ideal (wider) audience of say, 16 to 40-somethings, Korean-based and abroad.

That aside, I've found the tin to be portable and is easy stash away on my makeup table, in my room, although I tend take the eye pencils out of the tin and store them in a clear glass cup, instead.

When you open the tin, the five eyeliner pencils sit nicely, raised in a molded carton.  There is a favour towards brown shades in this set, compared to the two previously released sets; I'm glad to see an orange shade in this set as I've been hankering for one in my collection!

The set includes five shades:

  • BS01 / Dark Brown
  • BS02 / Glam Brown
  • BS03 / Deep Bronze
  • BS04 / Blonde
  • BS11 / Sunshine
So far, Sunshine is my favourite shade! I enjoy how bright it looks. (I also really enjoyed taking and editing my photos for this post.)

I went ahead swatched the five liners at once, on the back on my forearm. I wanted to see how they swatch of course, but I also wanted to test how the liners might smudge, and how fast they wash off or fade.  (This was definitely the fun part...!!)

At the time of taking these photos, I went to work--with the swatches still on my arm--to see how long they would last. Typically at work, I tend to sweat and I will wash my hands throughout my shift (it's retail, so it's hella physical, and well,.....germs....!!!)

Swatches, before leaving home:

The same swatches, but while on my lunch, at work (about 5hrs later):

Swatches on that same night, after my shower, that night (a good 12 hrs total, later):

What is incredible is how long the liners lasted throughout the day in certain spots but was still fairly easy to wash off. I didn't have to scrub either.  This does mean however, the liners don't necessarily stay even on the skin.

I have found that the liner moves when I've applied on my eye lid or under eye (and after a long day at work) it can transfer even down to the top of the apples of my cheeks--despite nothing else moving on my face.  This review has taken a while to write purely because I tried testing it out with each of my powders (I have about eight rotation) and setting sprays (NYX and UD), and also not setting--and nothing yet seems to stop the liners from moving around on my lid (I do not have oily eyelids either), so my guess is that it's me and my chemical makeup and whatnot that is affecting the performance.

I'm planning to keep using them to try and figure out what powder(s) work best.

Thanks for reading! See you!

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