Sample Sunday: Belif - Aqua Bomb cream sample

1:46 PM

Hey all! I thought I'd do a quick review of a sample of belif's aqua bomb cream for a late #samplesunday .  Prior to this, I had read inklings and rave reviews of mostly the aqua bomb cream, but nothing much else from the line, and I hadn't tried it for myself yet.

But the time is here: I've tried it and I see the light! Granted, it is a hard to judge from a sample packet of the quality of a product and whether you like it...but I'm sure that I'm interested enough that I'd purchase the small size for further, more in-depth review.

The aqua bomb gel-like cream offers a rush of hydration. It smells like a fresh lemon scent but turns to a more chemical smell, into a strong but temporary whiff of cleaning supplies (I'm not sure if I enjoy that, though...). The cream however, hydrated my face in such a noticeable way that I understand why there have been so many rave reviews.  I applied this in the car while on my way to work, on a skincare routine-only day. Through a lot of sweating and slight changes in the temperature at work, my face still stayed soft an moisturized, more than it usually is with my regular routine.

I beli(eve)f.

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