First Impressions: Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Cleanser || 【第一印象】COSRXの弱酸性グッドモーニング ジェルクレンザー 【ミニレビュー】

10:28 PM

Hello ♪ So, the quest for a new cleanser continues.....
やっほ♪ んで、もう新しいクレンザーを見つける続けるんだw・・・・・

I decided to just...go for it and finally try out Cosrx's Low pH Good Morning Cleanser that is pretty well known in the AB blogosphere. I ordered from JOLSE through Amazon and paid around USD$10.

韓国コスメのオンラインのブロゴスフィアで結構人気商品はCOSRXさんの弱酸性 グッドモーニング ジェルクレンザーってなんかやってみるとやっと買って決めたり嬉しかったわよ☆ アマゾンのJOLSEから注文しましたが10ドルを払いました。

So far that I've found over the week I've used the cleanser, the gel cleanser is light, smells like tea tree, foams slightly but it doesn't strip the skin afterwards and make it dry.  I can use it twice a day and it also doesn't bother or further exacerbate the two dry patches around my nose that I've almost managed to heal up.  


I haven't had a chance to pH test the cleanser yet to see if it's truly a low pH cleanser, but I will soon, in a more in depth review.

pH試験紙を使って まだpH値についてのは本当弱酸性クレンザーを見つけられないけどもうすぐ詳細なレビューでちゃんと答えますよ。

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