[Sponsored] Review: Tosowoong Makeon Dual Shaking Lip Tint / Spicy Gloss

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Wow, time has really gone by, lately.....!! I've been settling into my new position at work now, but it means that I'm practically ready to go to bed when I get home in the afternoon. I'm doing more physical work--double the amount than before--so by the time I'm off of work, I'm beat. But as I always say, it beats going to the gym!

I recently caught a cold, the flu and another cold, so my skin suffered (and is still recovering) since then. Despite keeping my fluids up, my immune system is literally the worst right now, but I'm trying to better that.

I've also fallen in love with Zayn's debut album, Made of Mind. It's just SO!!! GOOD!!!! I'm holding out for the limited Target edition (it comes with a few bonus tracks) even though I bought a few songs on iTunes. Zayn really brought some great vibes to this album and I'm so happy for it.

Anyway, RoseRoseShop kindly sent some products for me to review (plus some unexpected samples of their recently launched brand, Neulii) and all arrived pretty fast. Thank you, RRS!

The moment I got them, I got some initial photos and then the following day, got sick (twice!). I didn't want to proceed with swatches and such in case I contaminated my products. But, now I'm well again!!

I thought I'd split this up and just talk about the lip tints in this post, and follow up with the other items in a separate post in a few days. I also took a fair few photos, so I will let the photos speak for themselves and not write as much (as usual!)

Tosowoong's make-up line, Makeon has a surprising range of products, including these dual shaking lip tints. Sold in a set of three, the brand markets these lip tints to give a [great plumping effect  with long-lasting color. The natural ingredients (Avocado oil) provide you tender and healthy lips. Extremely soft and ergonomic tip is perfect for  your sensitive lips and prevents your lips from external damage".

("Plumping, huh. I bet it will tingle and smell minty...")

First, I'm used to a watery type of lip tint in my daily routine, but the Makeon lip tints rely on a portion of oil to keep the pigment separated. Prior to using, it's necessary to shake (hence the name) the container to even distribute the colour pigment--when you do this, it looks like a mini lava lamp!!

Bare lips, but with face make-up to hide my redness and steer the focus to my lips:

initial first impressions:

- they swatch badly
- oil seeps out on the cap and elsewhere, do not like...
- hard to keep the tints mixed evenly
- must blot
- nice colour if multiple layers are applied
- minty smell??
- tingly feeling on lips (I was right)

(left to right; top to bottom)
  • orange
  • vampire
  • blood

I decided to swatch each of the lip tints on a sheet of paper to see what the pigment is supposed to be. Later, I swatched them on my inner forearm, like a proper beauty blogger should (lmao!)


Here are swatches on my arm, single swipe of each lip tint:

After snapping these pics with my iPod, I decided to try something out. Below is a follow-up image of the same swatch, after blotting the area with a tissue. Unlike my other lip tints, say the PeriPera Peri's Tint Water, I found that with the Tosowoong Makeon lip tints, you need to blot immediately after applying the first layer, but you can apply additional layers.

The key is that you have to blot, to help it dry and to avoid the lip tint bleeding outside of your lip line. You also need a steady hand when applying...

 Let's take a closer look at each of the lip tints now!

tosowoong makeon dual shaking lip tint / spicy gloss - #1 orange (orange-y red)

This is a typical orange-y red, stand to most other collections of lip tints. Gotta have those oranges!

The above photo shows a lip swatch, before blotting or blending on my lips.  The orange is turns out to be a warmer red on my lips, but still looks nice!

tosowoong makeon dual shaking lip tint / spicy gloss - #2 vampire (deep berry red)

This deep berry red shade is the darkest of the three, but in the second of the colour series.

Vampire (unlike the other two shades) has a hard time mixing and ends up looking more like a lava lamp, as seen in this photo:

Swatched on my lips:

tosowoong makeon dual shaking lip tint / spicy gloss - #3 blood (red)

#3 Blood has to be my favourite shade out of the three lip tints--it matches with my skin tone with and without makeup the best. It's warmer than PeriPera's Peri Tiny Water in Cherry Juice that I have (and enjoy very much!) but not warm enough that it's a blood orange. It's just so nice on the lips, colour-wise!

That aside, these three Makeon lip tints have a distinct tingling feeling and a "spicy" taste after applying, which is nice but may be uncomfortable to some--it feels like a slight distraction to a potentially under-performing product. The feeling doesn't last long, of course.

I wore each shade of the lip tints multiple times to work while slowly collecting my thoughts and testing the product. I compared them to some of my other lip tints, both creamy and watery types. My long standing single question is: why is it that the Tosowoong Makeon lip tints are hard to apply on the upper lip, despite the doe foot applicator being angled for easier application, but pool easily on the lower lip? My guess is that the extra oil is detrimental to the performance of the three lip tints.  It got me to thinking: why not release a version of these tints, but sans oil? Or as a liquid lipstick?

Unexpectedly, Kose's softymo doesn't work as well to remove the lip tints as well as good ol' soap or elbow grease and water. The mineral oil in the softymo might've reacted with the oil in the lip tint--oil and oil is just...well, extra oil!

The important, pressing question of this review: is it worth $$? I really don't know. I had read other blogger's reviews in preparation of writing mine, and I'm in complete agreement of other reviews: I also have mixed feelings. The colours are nice but the oil in the lip tint causes it not to evenly distribute over the lips and results in a) spending more time applying the lip tint to avoid error, b) an uneven wash of colour.

Quick final thoughts:

- definitely not a gloss
- not minty, but spicy
- still hard to blend
- harder to apply on top lip?
- hard to remove off my hands and lips after swatching.......

I'm not one to give ratings on products because YMMV, but I'd have to give the Tosowoong Makeon lip tints a solid 3/5. They are nice, yes. The colours are goregous but are standard and could be found in other brands' lip tint lines.

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  1. I like the bloody shade, it looks nice on your lips but the swatch is quite transparent ...


    1. I know! That's what really sucks--they're pretty hard to swatch, and swatch evenly. You end up getting more of the oil everywhere lmao