Hair Shenanigans: Platinum Blonde

10:13 PM

Just this week, I went to a local salon and got my roots done and the lengthen of my hair lightened to more of a platinum blonde. The salon has an academy which you can get the students to perform the same services but at a reduced price but they get to learn and you are supporting students and a local business. I also got a trim on my bangs and ends of my hair!

A recent before picture:

My early-morning breakfast....:

Basically, I got my roots done first which took about 1.5hrs. The salon gal used Volume 5 on my roots and later, 10 on the length of my hair before toning.

 I also got a shampoo and treatment in there, plus toning!! I've never felt so relaxed....!!!!!!

The final look:

I got Starbucks afterwards and a cinnamon bun:

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