Adventures: PDX Trip July 2016 - Part 2 (Shopping, French Pasteries,Uwajimaya, etc...) + haul

10:02 PM

P  A  R  T     O  N  E


Usually when I do road trips, it'll be just a day trip but this time, we stayed overnight--mostly because of traffic reasons.

Obligatory hotel room photo:

Earlier that afternoon, we had stopped at a French patisserie but I forgot to take photos until this moment!

Cream cheese danish, ever so slightly caramelised on the top:

Also my #ootd :

Did some more shopping while kind of slowly heading back home--I forgot to take pics!

"Rock" melon.

I picked up some was ok. The curried rice was a good concept in theory, but in reality, it was kinda gross. It would've been better as a hot rice dish instead of cold. The meatballs were ok, but the most exciting part was the cactus water!

Some beautiful pastries and cakes:

At some point, we quickly stopped by Powell's Books, because I was trying to find a book. They didn't haven it but I did happen scoop up some good Pokemon--there is a Pokestop just at the entrance of the bookstore.

I did spot these oddities, regretting not buying them:

tea bar

I stopped by a tea place called Tea Bar.  It was so hot that day, I felt like my feet were going to melt if I had stayed outside any longer! The sun was awfully bright--thank god for sunglasses!

The interior was so low-key; I loved their clean, simple aesthetic.

I ordered a jasmine milk tea with boba--basic, but so good.

Later, I did hit up Uwajimaya.

When I walked in, an episode of Nyanchu was playing on the TV near the front-ish of the store, featuring Golden Bomber's Kenji I really love Golden Bomber--both Kenji and Kyan are my faves but I love all four's antics--but it was a surprise to see it! Also AB related, because snails!

Picking up some snacks and stuff...

Idk why I took pics but much later on the way home, I stopped by Taco Bell for food--just enough to stay awake.

I love Taco Bell's older 90s aesthetics....!!




 uwajimaya - snacks & such
  • umairin mentai
  • umairin salad
  • sakusaku pannda cookies
  • choco roll sticks
  • glico caplicocot
  • haichuu strawberry, mandarin
  • puccho peach, grape
  • royal milk tea drink mix
  • ito en golden oolong tea
  • yogurt peach drink
  • moko moko toilette kit - white
  • re-ment gudetama ichisara
  • kose softymo deep cleansing oil refill
  • biore u peach body wash refill
  • eyelash curler
  • haruka marakami - iq84
  • mukai makio - kimi ni tsuite ikou 
  • okusawa yasumasa- neko ni natta maa-kun

asian food center
  • shiseido hadasui skin & body water
  • my scheming green tea & barley whitening mask set
  • tsaio super firming mask set

  • some cookies + drinks

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