Sheet Mask Shenanigans: Recent Sheet Masks - May/June? - Aug ( + quick af mini reviews )

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Hello, all! I'm back at it again with another roundup of my recently used sheet masks in past almost two months (at least since the last post.)

Let's look at my trash, under the cut!

my scheming apple brightening & hydrating mask x6

First up is the ever so juicy, My Scheming mask, in the "apple" flavour. I had bought a box at Uwajimaya? a good while ago and was trying to use them up.  These masks live up to the hydrating in its name--each are a thin, cotton silk type that is drenched in essence (as usual). I usually pat the extra essence onto the mask (if I'm still awake) or on my legs, arms or the rest of my body.

WRP as long as I can snag them on sale, not at Uwajimaya for like $16.00 / box but around $9 something at another Asian market, hopefully when they're on sale. *crosses fingers*

my scheming bird's nest collagen hydrating mask x2, milk extract brightening mask x1

The milk flavour was ok, average but still nice on the face during the  I'm definitely still digging the My Scheming Bird's Nest mask instead. I want to buy another box (although I do have ONE mask left of this type) and compare it with the MBD Bird's Nest version.

tony moly im real makgeolli x2, aloe x1, rice x1

This right here are my favourite TM I'm Real masks. The Rice and Aloe are cooling to my rosacea prone face and the Makgeolli temporarily brightens my face--with a similar temporary whitening and brightening affect that niacinamide has on the skin

tony moly im real lemon, brightening x1

I didn't see much brightening action with this one unfortunately but it did leave my skin fairly soft. I'm not really a fan of lemon so I tend to avoid it.

freeset donkey milk skin gel mask pack - aqua x1

Hydrating, I guess? In short: this smelled like the Freeset 3D Donkey Cream but in mask form. While I gushed over this Freeset mask over on my Instagram (had a positive experience !?) a couple of months ago now, what now turns me off repurchasing is the price and availability.

A box of 5 is currently $18 something on Amazon (regularly $30) and is also sold individually over on Memebox, for $2 ea. (regularly $4 ea.). While nice on the skin, I'd rather spend the money (when's its on sale) and get TWO boxes of MBD or MS masks.....

day 29 of #maymaskmonth with @pdxbeautiful @cutepretybeauty and @skinhairnailcare 🍯🍯🐝🌸 tonight is a freeset #donkeymilk skin gel mask pack Aqua . 29回目の#maymaskmonth のチャレンジ日だよ\(^o^)/ 今夜はfreesetさんのドンキーミルクのシートマスクを使っています。 . its my first time using a freeset mask and i gotta say now i understand the hype!!!!! I'm hooked...(^O^) . 初めて使いますが今はFreesetの方がオンラインの大宣伝とかをは分かったらなんかハマっていた! . the scent is like 3D moisture cream, light and slightly chemical (idk how to describe it???) ✨✨ while it's not dripping with essence it's a pretty hydrating mask...i was surprised!!! 🙌🏼✨ . 3Dモイスチャークリームのように香りが軽くてちょっと薬品臭そうですけど.... マスクのエッセンスでたらたらと出なくて普通の適量があったらけっこう保湿のマスクパックだ。🙌🏼✨ . **update** about a good 45 mins later ive taken off the mask and my cheeks are soft and cold 👀💕 good night!! . **更新** それでは45分後マスクを取ったり頬が潤いになったり寒なりそうだよ☆ ではでは、おやすみ〜!ノシ . . #freeset #rasianbeauty #challenge #abbeauty #abblogger #blogger #kbeauty #mask #koreanskincare #skincare #review #instaskincare #スキンケア #韓国スキンケア #化粧品 #シートマスク #マスク #パック #1日1パック #フリーセット #ビューティー #保湿 #1일1팩 #스킨케어 #마스크 #팩 #w #面膜
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nohj superfood blueberry mask x3

I had received these from 08.L USA for reviews purposes pretty recently (I've already written the review but I has only a few things to add since writing on my Instagram and the 08.L website).

The cooling factor of the mask is multiplied if you leave it in the fridge, prior to use. Use it on a hot day when you're ready to relax your sunkissed (read: sunBURNT) face.  Really, you can do this with any mask so it doesn't matter if it's the NOHJ masks or those cheap (effective) Vanedo masks....!! It just seemed especially nice with these masks!

Also, dat 3D holographic packaging!

WPR? Probably not, tbh.

ya girl got #sheetfaced so here's a #sheetmaskselfie 👀💕✌🏼️✨ . I received a set of 10 of these lovely @nohj_korea #blueberry masks...thanks to @0.8l_usa 🙌🏼🙌🏼💕 . im on my third of mask of this set and im mcfreakin loving it 💘💘 . the mask is a slightly thicker than average cotton type and fits the face pretty well 👀✌🏼️ . since blueberries are high in oxidants it makes for an ideal ingredient ✨✨compared to say the HH blueberry or even tosowoongs blueberry mask, this mask pack smells so fresh and pleasant without being overpowering ✌🏼️✨💘 . the essence is a creamy but clear serum and coats the masks just enough to be saturated with little excess essence 💕💕 . it was 32C / 90F today and remained hot it my house until now (abt 10:30pm) so i can completely vouch for the true cooling effect of the felt so great and relaxing after being sweaty af at work earlier HOOO boyyy 😩😩 . my face felt pretty soft afterwards (I haven't even continued with my routine bc it's been so hot) 💦💦💦💦 . . #nohj #rasianbeauty #challenge #abbeauty #abblogger #blogger #kbeauty #mask #koreanskincare #skincare #review #instaskincare #スキンケア #韓国スキンケア #化粧品 #シートマスク #マスク #パック #1日1パック #ビューティー #保湿 #1일1팩 #스킨케어 #마스크 #팩 #w #面膜
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my scheming deep ocean saccharaide isometrate x2

I previously reviewed these bad boys and my thoughts are pretty much the same: hella essence, does the job well.

WRP, whenever there's a sale next...and I'm down in Portland, lmao...!

my scheming green tea & barley whitening mask x2

I felt the hydration, yes but negative on the whitening. I wonder if that comes out if you use like twice a day, for the whole week? I like the green tea extracts but I'll stick to other "flavours" first, probably.

NPR.  :((

welcos jeju natural anola honey mask x3

I picked up these Welcos masks recently at TJ Maxx and they are underwhelmingly ok. Average thick cotton type, not-really-moist-but-it'll-do-for-a-quickie sheet mask. Honestly, I'm using them to use them up, for now.  Once is ok, right?

botanical choice intensive foot mask healing x2

These lovely foot masks by Purederm's Botanical Choice work pretty well, especially in this urrent weird af PNW """summer""". My feet a little bigger and longer so I usually have to tear part of the top band of the foot mask, to allow enough room for my clown feet! I usually shower and put them on for a good hour or two (tops!) after a long ass day at work and either remove them to massage my feet and put on socks, or just fall asleep and take them off on the next morning.

The essence is cooling, doesn't really have a scent but seems to hydrate the feet well.

etude house korean strawberry mask x1 

Last but not least, is Etude House's mask, in Korean Strawberry. It was slightly cooling and pretty ok at hydrating but not as much say, MBD or MS masks with that desirable oversaturation of extra essence (for dat body!)that my face seems to crave in this dry weather.

I do want to try this mask and some of the other flavours too out again (like buy five, for testing/review purposes), since I only had one at the time.

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