Adventures: PDX Trip July 2016 - Part 1 (Lan Su Chinese Gardens,Twenty One Pilots @ Moda Center + shopping, etc)

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Hello all! I took a trip with my parents to Portland earlier in July. They and I had stuff we each wanted to do, so we pooled money and decided to go together. I planned for going to Twenty One Pilots' concert date, in Portland (it was unexplained breathtaking), but also stopped at Lan Su Chinese Gardens and did some shopping.

I did take quite a bit of photos so I've curated the best (so I can clear off content on my phone and iPod!!) and posted them below, including some I posted on my secondary Instagram account, @chiisaibouken. Enjoy!

After a bit of a drive (plus a bathroom stop), we made a beeline for food. For an early lunch, we stopped at Nong's Khao Man Gai. I ordered the regular ol' Khao Man Gai (chicken and rice); it was super tasty!

Next stop was the gorgeous, Lan Su Chinese Gardens.

I'm still so amazed at how such gorgeous is a) run by volunteers and b) is located smack-dab in the city. The moment you walk into the entrance, you feel transported into a world of tranquility. Even more surreal: the gardens practically take up about a city block--and then some.

Enjoy the photos; they speak for themselves.

There was an area than you could buy and drink tea; watch a tea ceremony and live music but I only had enough time to snap a few photos and enjoy the view while the parking meter continued to tick down.

An older gentleman in another building within the garden was demonstrating calligraphy. I chose 夢 ゆめ), taking it for its Japanese meaning of "dream".

We did some shopping to pass time (I forgot to take photos) and generally just enjoyed the atmosphere.

For dinner, we hit up Via Chicago for its Chicago-style pizza pie--a first for me.

It was tasty, for a PDX-area Chicago style pizza. I'm not sure how it lives up to a pizza pie from Chicago itself but....there's only one way to out....!!!


I want this two hours or so to be forever etched into my memories.

At the time, I just had a crappy LG Volt phone and my iPod Touch, so the quality of my photos were iffy to begin with, but my editing skills are pretty good.

Merch table (one of the many)!!!


EMOTIONAL ROADSHOW really lived up to its name: it was emotional! It felt like Tyler and Josh gave it their all on stage, but it was also a chance for thousands of fans both new and old to come together, and experience the same thing on a large scale. That kind of power is incredible.

I cried at least four times, especially when I heard Kitchen Sink. I got goosebumps countless times. I really admire what Tyler nd Josh do creatively and I hope they continue their work for many years--hopefully I can see them again in concert!(I'm hoping they'll go to Japan again and I could catch them with ONE OK ROCk tbh....)

The spaces in the set list below indicate some spaces of time between the songs. Some songs overlapped and many stopped randomly, to leave a moment of 10-15 seconds, only to repeat a verse--all for emotional effect. It was beautiful.

set list
Fairly Local
Hometown (when Tyler "teleports")
House of Gold/We Don't Believe What's On TV/Judge
Lane Boy

Ode to Sleep (when 21p move across the room)
The Pantaloon
Fall Away/Johnny Boy/Forest
Addict With A Pen
Kitchen Sink
Holding on to You


Twist and Shout with Mutemath & Chef's Special
My Heart Will Go On + Josh's trumpet solo
Love Yourself
Jump ("don't let Spooky down")

Stressed Out/Guns for Hands + Tyler running inside an inflatable ball)
Tear in My Heart

Car Radio + Tyler stands on a pedestal above the crowd





P D X  T R I P  - P A R T   T W O

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