San Francisco Collective Haul - July 2k16 (Daiso, Sephora, UO, F21)

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Hello! I'm finally here with my skincare and makeup haul, during my San Francisco trip, earlier at the beginning of this month.

What's taken awhile is to edit the photos while editing my log footage and juggling them with dwindling storage space, and lack of energy after long days at work. I've (slowly, but surely) made it work, so enjoy!

Blog posts of my trip is already online:

D A Y   O N E


As I shared on my Instagram, I hauled a smaller amount of items from this adorable, irresistible store, on my first day of my trip in San Francisco. God, I love Daiso so much....!

☆ foot mask pack x2
☆ mask mask pack x2
☆ eyeliner
☆ horse oil hand cream
☆ silicone cleansing brush tool thing
☆ insanely fluffy soft face towel

 And some stationary; cute letter sets, a clear pouch and some vocab cards on a handy ring.

urban outfitters - union sq

My closet Urban Outfitters is actually up in Seattle but I've only ever driven by while heading to another place--I've yet to go inside!! So imagine my contained excitement that there was a sizeable UO about two blocks away frim my hotel and could go inside!!

I mainly oogled over some of the skincare, especially the K-beauty area (hello, instant gratification) despite the inflated prices.

I decided to take the plunge and pick up Tony Moly's Golden Mushroom sleeping pack, since I've tried the mask version and liked it. It was $18 but I figured, now or never. I also took the chance to test (smell!) some of the other products, including the perfume gloss bar--something that I had always thought about ordering but now will not.

☆ tony moly peach hand cream - $8
☆ tony moly golden mushroom sleeping pack - $18
☆ tony moly panda's dream white hand cream - $8
☆ missha speedy solution anti trouble patch- $5
☆ it's skin sheet mask blueberry x2, avocado x2 - $3ea.


Basically, I was on a short mission with limited time on the first day. I wedged myself into the rowd inside the packed Sephora.  In front of lit mirrors, where a collective of beautiful ladies that eagerly listened while being taught the best ways to apply eye shadow, at a seated are ain the middle of the store. This was the busiest I've ever seen a Sephora.

I was able to buy the gorgeous Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette--it is stunning in person and on my eyes.


F21 was also a busy store...I took the lift up to the third? floor where the plus size clothing was and as soon as I stepped out of the elevator, I saw the skirt I had been eyeing for  couple of weeks, hanging on a rack--in my size!  It is a beautiful floral skirt, but not too busy of a floral print.

I also picked up a multi-pack of fruit themed earrings and some food themed pins, ones that I plan to turn into huge earrings.


D A Y   T W O

On my second day, I did venture back to UO, Sephora and F21, at different times.

sephora, round two

When back at Sephora, it was a little less packed. I decided to buy the trial travel size kit of some belif products. I've tried a small sample of the Aqua bomb cream and liked it, but I want to get a feel of the brand before majorly splurging on their products.  I also grabbed a new bottle of UD's All Night Setting Spray as I had long since ran out.

urban outfitters, parte deux

I literally popped in to just purchase a LimeCrime Velvetines liquid lipstick (in Red Velvet) about half an hour before leaving the hotel to checkout early, on my third day~~!

forever21, cont'd

I actually went back to F21 again on the second da yof my trip; I had more time to actually browse the area with leisure. The plus size section is much bigger (no puns intended) than my local store of course, but also pretty sizeable, compared to

I ended up getting these cute daisy shorts--with cute frills around the cuffs--a cute, holographic zipped pouch and some cute ankle socks.

Also, I bought this dress that I've been wearing a lot lately, including this photo on my IG:

topshop @ nordstrom

I don't remember which day but I did go into Nordstrom (just to browse) and happened to see some cute!!! af!!! necklaces. I intended to only buy the pizza one for $7 (plus a different pair of cute earings) but when the sales associate rang the necklace up, it came to only ONE CENT. It was something to do with it being a deleted item...? (I worked retail, so I totally understood!)

So...I bought the remaining eight necklaces, with plans to make them into earrings (which I did).

Necklaces, turned into earrings:

See you!!

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