Review: Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free All-in-1 ABC Cushion Foundation SPF 50 (Rosacea, pale NC15 skin)

8:08 PM

It's time for me to get off my busy, simultaneously lazy ass and post this review for you guys!

I picked up two of the Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free All-in-1 ABC Cushion Foundation SPF 50, in Light, around when the craze of cushions were just hitting the Western US market/drugstores (a good couple of months ago), from a local grocery store. I hunted around and went to the Fred Meyer in the next town and scored--there was a rebate coupon as well.

I've now used this off and on for months (between using Korean branded cushions) and while it works, it also misses.

 First, enjoy Taemin's first Japanese MV, Sayonara Hitori. I just love this concept so much! I was listening to this while writing this post, so listen as you read!

The cushion case is the most eye-catching component, with a blue, quilted design across the top. The case isn't heavy and is very portable.

Basically, the Physician's Formula Mineral Wear cushion looks exactly what you'd expect a regular cushion to look like, no gripes there! The compact is easy to hold and both opens and closes with ease--no leakages! With a generously drenched sponge, you can likely use this cushion for a good two, almost three months straight.

There is:
  • light coverage
  • no noticeable scent
  • easy to apply
  • easy to remove from face

What is bothersome:
  • lack of lasting power in hotter climates, or areas with limited air flow (say, in a retail environment)
  • can becomes cake-y
  • prone to oxidizing but YMMV
  • applicator sponge is not a rubycell puff: despite looking like a rubycell puff, it isn't, so no flawless application
  •  lightest shade is too dark for pale kids, but is right on the mark for olive tones and darker
  • I look healthily tan
  •  no dramatic dewiness so apply dat highlight boo!!!!!
  • dries oddly, not matte but almost...oily?
The key to remember is that you NEED to set with a powder after applying. I even went far as to pat my Beauty Blender sponge (and its knockoff counterpart on a different day) on the cushion and apply directly to my face.

It took me such a long time to write up this review as I was testing the right combination of powders that makes the Physician's Formula Mineral Wear cushion look flawless on my face--and stay for a large portion of the day. I found that Urban Decay's All Night Setting Spray holds the cushion foundation in place but slightly alters the texture.

The best combination (at least on my skin, at the time) was bareminerals' mineral veil foundation. I had the last bit of a travel sized container left, and I would swirl some of the powder foundation onto a brush and pat it gently into my skin to key areas, then sweep the remainder to the outer parts of my face. It worked, but then I ran out of the bareminerals powder!

live swatches

 My bare face, redness and all:

 This is in yellow-ish lighting in my bathroom, but you can that the cushion foundation looks more brown and darker than it really is, bu light than it appears in the cushion case.

Covered half of my face:

 I set my face this time with NYX's HD Translucent Powder, which turned the cushion foundation to a slightly lighter tone (see next photo):

 ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️

The bottom line:

Physician's Formula Mineral Wear cushion foundation (despite its best efforts) moves around on the face. Don't get me wrong, it works and it looks good, but it just isn't up to snuff. It performs more like a regular foundation that has been repackaged into a cushion case and marketed to a US audience (that is a few years behind trends anyway) and sidelining average AB skincare and makeup fanatic.

I remember the BB cream phase hitting the US, when all the drugstore companies rushed like crazy to release them but the BB creams were more like a tinted moisturizer without all the extra benefits that actual BB creams usually include? I feel that this cushion is the same. There is no additional serum or moisturizer, or amazing ingredients that a lot of Korean cushions boast. In comparison, it's a regular foundation.

Would I repurchase?

No. Rebate aside and that I have a second unopened cushion, at an average of USD$17, I could purchase almost two other cushions that perform better and match my skintone.  To end this post, I will share a few cushions that I have my eye on, and why:

APIEU Air Fit Cushion XP Set SPF50+ PA+++(Rilakkuma Edition) - I just really love it for the case! I've read that's a good cushion.

DR. ALTHEA Water Glow Cushion SPF50+/PA+++ - I received one from 08.L USA earlier this year? for review purposes and liked how gorgeously refreshing and dewy I looked, so I want to purchase one.

VDL Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation - I'm intrigued of how the product is dispensed inside the cushion!!

Laneige BB Cushion - I want to test it out for myself but I really want to get my hands on a sample first to see whether I am "Fair" or "light" in their colour range before I whack down $34.

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