【日本語文あり】 #Travel : San Francisco Trip 2k16 - Part #2 【写メあり】

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P A R T  O N E

Hello again! Continuing on the previous post, here's part two of my photos from my San Francisco trip, earlier this month. I posted a fair bit on my other Instagram account (@chiisaibouken), so I'll link to a lot of photos from there!

D A Y  T W O

Across the street from my hotel room was Uniqlo--I could see the spinning mannequins from the window. Aside from that, this part of San Francisco has a nice aesthetic and reminds me of small parts of Seattle.

I started my day with taking a photo of this Tony Moly Mishroom mask pack that I had picked up the previous day wwww

Early morning selfie!

We woke up early, got some breakfast and headed over to the Ferry Building, via street car. The trip was about...10 or 15 mins, total...?

Inside the Ferry Building was a bunch of cute eateries, ranging from savoury to sweet, meat to pastries and ice cream. Everything had a nice aesthetic, and since we arrived there pretty early in the morning, we beat the crowd.

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After walking around the inside of the Ferry Building for a while, I decided to get some eats. I hadn't ever tried Blue Bottle's coffee until this trip, but I decided to take the plunge after seeing their small setup--so cute!

I ended up getting an affogato: it's basically Blue Bottle's Hayves Valley coffee, poured over a big scoop of ice cream and the two juxtaposing flavors end up complimenting each other. SO good!

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A close up:

 Right across from Blue Bottle was a Humphrey Slocombe, a cool ice creamery. Its namesake is of course from Are You Being Served? which is very fitting.

It ended up being cheaper to buy a pint instead of a scoop or two, so I bought a pint of the Harvey Milk and Honey Graham ice cream. It was sweet and creamy with a nice, lingering aftertaste. This is why I wished I lived down here...for all the cool, local places to check out! My local farmer market doesn't remotely live up to this level of cool...!

In case you thought otherwise, melted affogato still tasted good.

Later, I was heading out to leave the Ferry Building area and walked by Miette (a very cute patisserie type of place) and almost immediately their panna cotta that were sold in small glass jars.

I had a thought to reuse the cute jar at a later point with some makeup brushes, or something cute like that.

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Gosh, strawberries are so lovely!!!

b&w aesthetic️ ➰💦

Soon after, we spent some time at a train museum then headed to ever famous Pier 39! I didn't spend much time there because it was actually very cold and windy.

When I left my house (in WA) I happened to grab my jacket that I sometimes wear at work--and I'm so glad I did because I definitely would've gotten a cold if I hadn't. It was seriously COLD, like winter weather kind of cold. #blessed

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Avoiding the crowds and much of the major touristy stuff, I just walked around. I did see the sea lions on the pier--a bunch of the were piled up on top of each other but weren't really doing much. It felt too relatable lmaooo....! But since it was cold, I couldn't really see the entirety of the Golden Gate bridge but I did see the base of it--the rest was covered by fog.

For a late lunch, we stopped at the famous In 'n' Out Burgers--a must at least once for when in California, right? At least once! The aesthetic was super nice but the place was PACKED!

I ended up getting a burger and fries, animal style, of course:

We took the trolley car up to and past Lombard--the steep, winding street??? but didn't get off. There was so many people! San Francisco has incredibly steep hills...jfc...but I did get some good vlog clips.

Looking around at stuff, we also headed to Boba Guys to get more boba! There was a long queue and was packed in the small space of the tea shop, but it was worth it.

So many people!!!

The menu, as shown above.  I ordered a Hong Kong style sweet tea and another drink. Compared to going to Asha Tea House on the previous day, Boba Guys exceeded expectations with taste, simplicity and aesthetic.

I wanted to try a it of the drinks but I only had one mouth (and one stomach!!!) so I ordered a Hong Kong style boba tea with 75% sweetness so it wasn't as sweet, and a Lychee Green Tea also with a reduced level of sweetness. Both were incredibly tasty.

Afterwards, headed out again for more shopping and whatnot.

Stopped by Britex Fabrics which has A LOT of fabric (a ffashion or art student's fantasy!) but also some 20,000 range of buttons!!! I had to check it out since one if my favorite craft things to do is to turn buttons into earrings.  

The fabric on display in the shop window... so  a e s t h e t i c !!!

I happened to be near the Acne studios pop up store but didn't have time to actually go inside... :^(

A little later, I stopped in at Forever21 again of course...

Later we also went back for another round of burgers and fries at Super Duper Burgers! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Later, I went back to my hotel room and the night with some rest and a My Scheming sheet mask. Gotta do my routine, if even I'm away!


The third day was pretty much spent just packing up everything, making our way to the airport, and home.

Since Uniqlo was just across the street, I finally had a moment to stop in. There was a cute sweater I wanted but it wasn't in my size. But I did have the chance to see the iconic rainbow stairs!



I stopped in at Urban Outfitters again, but this time, I decided to take in the atmosphere seriously.

I 100% regret not buying one of these Fjällräven Kånken backpacks, even if it were in black or navy. I really wish I had even bought that gorgeous mustard one, instead of holding out for a sale on a pastel or brighter coloured one....

I also stopped by the makeup and skincare area again. I did snap a picture of the Lime Crime fixture too.

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