REVIEW: A'pieu Air Fit Cushion Pposong No. 13 (FIRST IMPRESSIONS + SWATCHES & DEMO)

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Hello! It's been snowing a lot this week so it's been really cold! My bedroom window is right next to my makeup desk so when I am putting on makeup, it's been relaxing to watch the snow flutter past.

I've been testing A'pieu's Air Fit Pposong Cushion off and on for the past couple of weeks, and I'm finally ready to share my thoughts. Enjoy, under the cut!

I ordered from eBay seller bringbringshop on December 22nd and it arrived about a week later (much earlier than February!!!). At the time, I paid USD$8.66 with free shipping.

The box arrived safely, enough said.

What prompted me into wanting to buy this cushion was how seemingly cheaply priced it is; the refill are close to 5 bucks on eBay! I am always down for this affordability.

Within the Air Fit Cushion line, there are a couple of types, each sold in at least two or three shades (13, 21, 23):
  • Air Fit Cushion - chok chok finish 
  • Air Fit XP - coverage (hopefully full coverage lol)
  • Air Fit Pposong - matte finish
  • Air Fit Bboyan -  semi? matte, brightening/whitening
I wanted to buy the original, regular Air-Fit version first (for dat chok chok moisture!!!!) but I couldn't readily find it online for the cheaper price. The Bboyan also seemed interesting--there's a white cushion that was rereleased in the Doraemon collection, plus the Bboyan shade #13 is a apricot toned cushion. I would try only the #13,

So I dived for the lightest shade in the Pposong line, shade no. 13. Spoiler alert: it's not that matte.

a'pieu air fit cushion pposong #13 //  어퓨 에어 핏 쿠션 뽀송 [13호]

The cushion case is a lovely I really love the aesthetic of the cushion case. Also, that is the reflection of my hands in the cushion case and the box.

T E S T I N G  D A Y  O N E

Bare face, sleep eyes and redness:

I lightly dipped the puff into the cushion foundation and gradually bounced it onto my face. So far, it seems to set into the skin fast, offers some coverage and conceals my redness fairly well--I look normal! It also dries to a semi-matte finish but in areas, also has a light dewy glow.

I did not apply any primer and waited a significant amount of time from applying my skincare routine, before applying makeup.

After seeing how much of a dewy (uneven) I then set it with a light dusting of powder (right) as I wanted to see how it would last when I went to work. If you look closely, the cushion foundation already began to separate on my nose bridge and around my mouth and chin areas, so a primer seems necessary. Of course, the cushion foundation looks great from a distance!

Here's a pic of what I looked like, about 5 or 6 hours later.  The foundation did settle a bit into my smile lines and create a ry texture to my face later on, but I am pleased it how it covers my redness! The dry texture though of course, is that it's the Pposong "matte" version (duh!!!!) so I hope that the chok chok "moist" version may keep my face dewy and less dry, throughout the day.

T E S T I N G  D A Y  T W O

The following day before work, I did my usual skin routine and this time, decided to use a primer. I used about a pump's worth of Too Face's HangoveRx primer after my morning skincare routine and let it set into my skin for a little bit.

Here is half my face with the A'pieu Air Fit Cushion Pposong (left) and yet to be applied (right). .....I should start to contour my nose....!!

I will say that this Air Fit Pposong cushion does cover my redness well--it doesn't eliminate it but covers it.

However, even with a primer, the cushion foundation seemed to immediately separate on my skin, even while applying it gently with the air puff. It still showed and gave more texture to my skin--more than what I usually have--and seemed to set odd (crusty, nasty!) around my nostrils.

I decided to try using a damp mini sponge and applied a second, thin layer on top, just around my mouth and cheeks and that seemed to work:

I think this method works but then defeats the purpose of it being a cushion foundation and the ease of it being applied with an air puff....

Finished look (before doing my hair) and it still looks great from a distance:

By the end of the day after being at work for about 9 hours, the cushion lasted pretty well, considering. The dryness of the cushion really came out but I also sweated a lot!

I also look tired af...but that redness still looks pink!!

T E S T I N G  D A Y  T H R E E

I have edited this post to add day three (I found my photos in my camera roll!!!) of testing~

Bare face:

Straight up, there was a dramatic difference of coverage, between the cushion foundation and my bare face. Today, I used both a hydrating primer (Too Faced), let that dry and then misted my face liberally with a facial mist.

Already, the cushion had created some texture issues on the surface of my skin. I do think it was combination of my application and the Too Faced primer that may have caused that.....

You can see this happening around my mouth, and on my cheeks. The cushion also seems to miss my dark circles in favour of redness and blemishes, so a concealer is a must for a fuller coverage look!

.....(I really want to love that primer.....)

See, from a distance, A'pieu Air Fit Pposong looks great!

I decided to apply a (messy) layer of Etude House's Precious Mineral BB Cream (review is here) in Cover & Bright Fit, directly on top, so it could hopefully make the cushion underneath long(er) lasting and a bit more full coverage.

I think it looks much better:

Final look! I did sweep a small amount of powder across my under eye area; lightly applied some eyeshadow and a lip tint:

My face, about 5 or 6 hours later (below). The cushion foundation definitely caked up around my cheeks, nose bridge and mouth--I think this is more that I used the "matte" version rather than the "chok chok", despite the matte being a little dewy.

I do remedy this by spritzing some mist to my face, but that is only a temporary fix.

F I N A L  T H O U G H T S

I do like how affordable this line of A'pieu cushions are for the wallet, but I don't enjoy how time consuming it is to get this to apply smoothly on my skin. I like how cushions can just be patted on and sometimes set with a powder, and BAM! you're done.

Despite this cushion being marketing as "matte", it turned out to ber fairly dewy and with a glow. The added textural issues immediately after application are a major negative to me and for those with drier skin types, so please consider this cushion only you are combo or oily. If you have a dry or dehydrated skin, try out the chok chok version....?

That being said, I would repurchase but rather purchase the chok chok version to see how moisturizing it truly is and also the XP, to see if it covers more than this version did.  I will buy either version, and test it out for you guys!


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