Four Creams That Have An Unusual Texture (Etude House, Freeset, Purifect by Symphony Beauty, Vant 36.5)

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Yo! Here are four products that have unusual or notable textures. I thought each cream would be fun to review by group them together by texture, as a key point. One cream I received for free from 0.8L USA, in exchange for an honest review and another I won in a giveaway on Instagram (but am not obligated to review). Both are and will be marked below and in the post with an asterisk (*).
  • vant 36.5 advanced moisture cream (*)
  • freeset donkey milk 3d moisture cream
  • purifect by symphony beauty snow cream moisturizer (*)
  • etude house moistfull collagen water jelly cream

vant 36.5 advanced moisture cream (*)

I initially received this last year? from @0.8l_usa in exchange for an honest review. I've already posted the review many months ago and have used almost the entire container, so I thought it'd be great timing to talk about it again, also so I can officially classify it as an empty!

This particular Vant 36.5 cream is very light; it's the kind of runny moisturizer that's more of a watery emulsion, borderline lotion. The cream feels thin but is somehow packed with moisture--when you spread it over your skin, you feel your pores come to life and drink up that moisture! It also leaves your skin very very soft. #science

What sucks: it's expensive. It's currently USD$31 on Amazon but I have seen it as high as $45. This price tag is what has stopped me from purchasing the cream but I did enjoy the burst of hydration each time I used the cream.

freeset donkey milk 3d moisture cream

I bought this at the end of 2015, during Memebox USA's Black Friday sale, when it was $25 or so (around half off) but I wouldn't part with $50 for this cream--I'd rather lay down the cash for like 15 different items for that money....also since the container and outside packaging is ridiculously huge, compared to the actual amount of product in the jar.

That aside, what makes Freeset's Donkey Milk 3D Moisture Cream interesting is its texture: it's a thick cream but is very stringy--not bouncy at all. I tried my best capture this in my photos (excuse my nails!) to best describe how strings form in the cream, both when you scoop it out and whenever you move it around on your skin.

The Donkey Milk 3D Moisture Cream also smells like a weird combination of perfume and milk.  When applying the cream, I found it was best to use a dime-sized amount (nothing more) and to focus it on areas that I wanted to lock in more hydration, not as a cream for the entire face.

purifect by symphony beauty snow cream moisturizer (*)

I unexpectedly won this cream from an Instagram giveaway from Symphony Beauty but I'm not required nor obligated to review it. I thought I would include in this post for its texture, as it is a "snow" cream and my first experience with this kind.

The cream looks like a mixture of watered down coconut butter and the appearance of actual snow. When you scoop out some of the cream, it feels thick, odd, and initially borderline unpleasant on the skin.

It's...confusing to all the senses.

Once the warmth of skin helps to melt the cream, it dissolves and turns to a watery gel goop that seems to burst with hydration, similar to belif's Aqua Bomb, sans the lemon fresh scent. Using this particular cream makes me want to purchase the Secret Key Snow Cream, for comparison.

etude house moistfull collagen water jelly cream

This fairly new Etude House cream is a new variant of the regular ol' Moistful Collagen line. It's just such an experience to use--the cream is a clear gel that in the container, looks like jelly (it wobbles!).  I decided to purchase the full size from eBay (paid USD$12 something at the time, for 75mL) after I finished a set of samples.

Once spread on the skin, the jelly cream feels light and sinks into skin well, leaving it feeling baby butt soft. It is light with a minimal, sweet fragrance.

I like to use this if I'm going to layer another cream and sleeping pack afterward. I also can't wait to try this in the summertime, when it's time to full body sweat! I hope that the light jelly-like texture gives me hydration in the summer, as much as it has during the short time I've been using it through a cold, dry PNW winter.

Goodnight, and thanks for reading. May the hydration gods bless your skin tonight!

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