Haul: Unexpected K-Beauty Finds (ULTA, Forever 21, TJ Maxx)

11:03 PM

Happy V-day!! Happy Extraterrestrial Culture Day!! I hope it has been a good day, and for most, just another day to appreciate things.

I did a bit of shopping around a some local places and unexpectedly happened to find some Korean skincare items, so here's a mini-haul, under the cut.


While on the other side of town, I went into my local ULTA earlier today to use my $5 off a $10 purchase and initially didn't see anything inciting, even something around the $10 mark, to use my coupon. I saw these It's Skin Butterfly Eyes mask sheets poking out on the side of the clearance section and snatched!! them!!! up!!!!!! All three have great expiration dates, too (2019.04)!!

Then I saw a couple of the Tony Moly Bubble Foam cleansers that have been on clearance recently and finally decided to pick up a bottle of "Whipping Cotton"--also with a respectable manufacture date of May 2016 and its shrink wrap.

I ended up redeeming 100 of my points so my purchase was only under $5, including tax!!!! The eye masks ended up being .97 cents each--incredible!!

f 21

I went in actually to check out any clearance clothing (I almost bought a mustard coloured cardigan but..eh....) and the makeup bags, to check if they had cute ones like I had spotted on a mutual's Instagram. There were a few but like...not that exciting. My store small and now, kinda of the only one in the area. I was hoping for cute, so cute that your heart stops...but...no.........

In front of the checkouts though, I spotted sheet masks!

I ended up picking up a couple of things!
  • holika holika before mask sheet
  • holika holika after leport mask sheet (soothing)
  • mediheal mask dress dress code violet (firming & anti-wrinkle)
  • ladykin fresh strawberry icing gel bar

I'm really excited for Ladykin gel--also very excited at the price I paid! The Mgf date was June 2016. They were sitting in a clearance area right in front of the lineup area for the checkouts, sitting precariously in a bowl. There were two bottles of strawberry and about six watermelon "flavours".

I also picked up a set of really cute food themed pins. I'm going to pin them to my denim jacket!

tj maxx

I honestly didn't expect to go there but it was right across in the same area from ULTA, so I decided to go and see if there was anything exciting. I stumbled on some Purederm eye patches (for dark circles) which I'm super excited about.

I didn't set out to buy this but for 10.99, why not! I bought a set of three of Ole Heriksen facial mists. Score!!

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