Current Skincare Routine - Winter 2016/17

12:20 AM

Hello everyone. I've had a string of long weeks as of late, where the days just roll into another and I feel so tired. My escape lately has been to diligently do enough of my routine before I collapse on my bed and keep myself hydrated.  It's not enough, but it feels like the bare minimum right now.

I thought I'd share my current skincare routine and how I'm enjoying the products and how they are working for me, including for my hands. I do use other products in place of those ones mentioned in this post, but these are specifically the products I stick with, time and time again.

Nothing really has changed since my last routine post, but I really enjoy cleansing with CosRX Low pH Cleanser, specifically on days that I don't wear makeup, or in the mornings, to start my day. I like how it doesn't sting my eyes if I happen to get some in or near my eyes (I am that person!. The teas tea scent and its gentle gel formula are my favourite parts--I have yet to break out from this cleanser and enjoy it each morning I use it.

On days that I do wear makeup, I definitely opt for a cleansing oil. I have used Kose's Softymo for quite a while but while I love it and it removes my face and all eye makeup, I don't enjoy the gritty texture of the oil (before adding water to emulsify).

So, I am still keenly looking for other cleansing oils to introduce into my routine. When I'm feeling extra rad, I'll use Holika Holika's Soda Pore Cleansing Cream, mostly because it removes my makeup and I like the ramune scent.

While I sometimes use Skinfood's Peach Sake Toner interchangeably with the Tony Moly I'm Real Rice Smooth Toner, I tend to reach for the Tony Moly one more often. I like the peach scent of the other but sometimes it is too drying (especially for this winter!!) on my cheeks but I see noticeable results with the rice toner as it really smooths out my face and makes it feel soft.

For moisturizers, lately I have been using two products on different parts of my face. I apply about a dime to quarter sized amount of Mizon's Snail Recovery Gel to just my cheeks. I then apply about the same of Dr Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer to my entire face--even spreading the gel cream down my neck and to my ears.

Sleeping packs are one of my favourite competent of a Korean skincare routine. The two packs I reach for the most are Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (left)--which I have repurchased four times to date and have an additional four or five mini travel sizes containers. The Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask (right) is new to me; I've been using it for the past month and a half as part of my routine and like the comforting medicinal scent.

Sheet masks honestly are essential in my routine. Well, kind of. I like generally how cooling masks are on my face and I just love relaxing after a long, stupid day.  I do enjoy Tony Moly's I'm Real mask line but my two favourite brands are also My Beauty Diary and My Scheming masks.

These are my favourite masks:
  • my beauty diary black pearl
  • my scheming green tea & barley whitening mask
Both shown in the picture above and others masks within the two brands tend to have extra essence in each packet. I use that extra essence on my neck or arm and legs, for some bonus hydration.

For hand care, I try to keep any tube of hand cream in my pocket for when I'm at work, or in my purse. I've been enjoying Philosophy's Apricots and Cream hand cream while at work and at home, to keep my hands sufficiently moisturized. My hands get disgustingly dry while at work, from prolonged handling of cardboard and plastic from new diary freight (I work retail. Please save me, oh Snail gods!). This hand cream, like others, smells nice and keeps my hands soft and hydrated--everything I could ask for!

I wish this same in a body wash or body spray...

Good night!
Comment below and tell me about your routine--what works/doesn't work for you?

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