Monthly Favourites: Dec 2016 / Jan 2017 || 2016年12月と2017年1月のお気に入り紹介

12:09 AM

While taking a break from the bombardment of various news pieces related to our new """"leader"""" of the country, I was finally putting together a very late post for my December 2016 favourites and realized the items are the same for this month!

Honestly, time got the best of me, with the holidays and setting into a new position at work--I was tired. Enjoy my favourites for both months!


I want to start with Goblin--one of the only two shows I've been into lately! I am a different person after finishing this particular K-drama, just last week. I was so emotionally drained but still in awe; the ending was so fulfilling, in that every single character had an ending and all loose ends were tied. They did have a time skip but the way the story unfolded at the end was so unexpected. I have also never cried so much (besides a breakdown at work!!) at a show.

Equally as exciting: the OST. The fine selection of artists (Punch/Baekhyun, Crush, 10cm, Ailee, Mamamoo & more) invokes such emotion! Every time this song by was played, it was like time stopped and you could barely breathe:

I also really enjoy Hush by 라쎄 린드(Lasse Lindh):

On a related note, Lee Doog Wook's lips are so stunning, especially his upper lip! And so is Yoo In Na's lips; the shape is so cute and I kept wondering what lip products she was wearing...!

In December, Yuri! on Ice!!! had me shook towards the end. But I am relieved, as there will be a second season, despite the slight open-ended finale. I want to know what will happen and I am proud that the writers portrayed Viktor and Yuri as normal, loving characters, without sexualizing their relationship. I'm even interested for anything may develop between Yurio and Otabek!


makeup & skincare

I've done a full review on this cushion in a separate post but I have really been using Holika Holika Gudetama Lazy & Joy Photo Ready BB Cushion, nearly daily--basically since I received this bad boy in the mail. I have found that I am running through the foundation quicker than expected--I may have to repurchase surprisingly very soon.

 Also another daily staple for the last two months, Etude House's Precious Mineral BB Cream (Cover & Bright) has been a go-to BB cream for my face. I have also been layering this on top of the HH Lazy & Joy Cushion, to help give a fuller coverage look.

For the past two-ish months, I have used a number of different skincare products but I have definitely been reaching for Etude House's Moistfull Collagen Water Jelly Cream. I love how it's a water based gel cream that is light and isn't sticky, but makes my face soft while providing some hydration.

I am working on a full, in-depth review on this, so stay tuned.

Excuse the short post, but that's all I've basically been loving this month and in December.


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