My Current Hand Cream Stash (That I Like)

10:55 AM

I love hand creams. I adore cute things. Unn, cute hand creams!

Jokes aside, I really enjoy hand creams, way more than I had before. I now work in dairy and spend a lot of my time at work in the cooler, as well as handling plastic and cardboard when stocking. The result: sore, dry hands with many, many cuts. I do wear gloves but there are time when I need to be sans gloves so I can actually feel what I'm holding in my hands.

The in-between is to slather lotion on and wear slightly thinner cotton-ish gloves or thin, latex gloves and let the sweat moisturize my hands (gross!) until I wash them each time I go to the bathroom and each time I'm in the breakroom. The soap at work also dries out my hands as does the hot water. Basically, retails sucks ass and I would give anything for a new job (but there aren't any here beside government or healthcare, so here I am!)....just even for the sake of my hands.

;tldr: my hands are really dry and are in a bad state! They hurt so much!

I shared on my Instagram my four currently most used hand creams but I thought I'd share more of my stash, with some swatches and quick thoughts. Enjoy!

daiso horse oil hand cream

My most used hand cream right now is one that is the cheapest! I picked this up at Daiso last July, when I was in San Fran! I use this at work and I either keep it literally in my hoodie pocket, or it stays on a sort of work space area inside the cooler (so it's like hella cold!).

The scent is like milk and lavender combined and it feels so nourishing; it melts into the skin and leaves my hands feeling soft. I kind of regret not buying more, since I don't get to Daiso that often anymore (like once a year? if that!)--it was only $1.50.

philosophy apricots & cream hand cream

I also reach for this hand cream when I'm at work, but I usually keep it in my makeup pouch. The sweet apricot scent is heavenly; I wish I could take a bath and live in that scent forever. I do have the Fresh Cream and Raspberries and Cream (not pictured) from the 2016 Holiday Handbook and really like the other two but I'm trying to ration and savour them!

The Apricots and Cream also melts into the skin but it doesn't seem to last as long as the Daiso branded horse oil cream does, on my hands.

tony moly peach anti-aging hand cream

The famous peach hand cream also makes it home in my stash--I'm on my fourth container! I really adore this hand cream for its scent and of course the packaging! It makes a nice decoration piece, too. I also have the matching lip balm~

The cream is slightly pink tinted in the container but appear white on the skin. It's a thicker than expected ream but it does spread nicely across the skin and sink in well, without greasiness or transfer.

tony moly tangerine whitening hand cream

I do think my container has gone bad because I don't recall it being of a cream?! But the scent is still a very nice tangerine, citrus-y scent. I actually had the apple one too but I left it at work once and I've not seen it since...but it also turned a weird yellow after a while.

tony moly magic food banana hand milk

I want to like this but I actually don't like banana all that much (except a smoothie...), so this is hard for me to use. I love the container but the scent gets to me--it smells like Allen's bananas!

When you squeeze the tube, the cream dispenses thick and kind of loses its appeal, as it isn't very smooth on the skin.

baviphat paprika moisture hand cream

I wish this came in bigger container (and was easier to find!) because I really really really adore it! it's very small and I bought it off of TesterKorea, a little while ago.

The cream is very light, runny, but sinks well into the skin without feeling greasy.

the saem chocopie hand cream - cookie & cream

This is a rich, thick, buttery cream with a whipped texture that smells like vanilla, with a faint touch of coconut. I enjoy this during the wintertime because it its thickness--it isn't greasy.

I actually kind of forgot I had it, so now I may need to take this to work with me!

it's skin mini bebe hand cream

I picked this up from Sephora fairly recently (a couple of months ago?) and it's also been a favourite at work. I keep this in my purse though as I've really taken a liking to the Daiso Horse Oil cream...

This hand cream is light with lovely, fresh cotton scent and is of a medium thickness. I think I just liked the outside packaging more.

tony moly panda's dream white hand cream

Gosh, this container is really adorable! Reminds me of a cherry vanilla scent, but it's sweet and not overpowering. The white cream is a mild thickness but is very smooth in consistency, BUT it's rather hard to get out of the container.

Once on the skin, the white hand cream is easier to spread.

the face shop me:ex mini pet perfume hand cream - floral

I actually bought this to give as a secret Santa gift to a coworker but she ended up...not working there anymore...I kept this hand cream. I just opened it last night for the purpos eof this post so I have very limited thoughts.

The hand cream is light, much like the Baviphat Paprika Hand Cream but not as runny. It does spread incredibly easy and sinks well into the skin, with a powdery, floral perfumed scent.

The two L'occitane creams are unopened.

Thanks for reading and letting me over-hydrate my hands!


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