Trash Talk: Recent Sheet Masks (Oct-Nov / Dec 2016)

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It's that period of time where I gather my mask empties and talk about my trash! Here's some of the masks I've used recently, including a good amount from during the November mask challenge, over on Instagram. I've used a variety of brands, flavors and from a couple different countries!

There are a few that were received in exchange for an honest review so those will be marked in bold and an asterisk (*). For the masks that I had talk about on IG, I'll include those posts (in no particular order) plus some quick thoughts, under the cut!

the creme shop fusion sheet mask - caffe/mocha x2 - repurchased

I had picked these up at my local TJ Maxx store a couple of months ago, tried one and on the next visit, I bought another box. There is a faint coffee-esque scent, but I enjoy the hefty amount of essence coating the mask, as well as the extra--enough to slather over the body. RP.


tony moly im real mask sheet - aloe x1 & makgeolli x2

I...kind of like the aloe "flavour" (average performance, ok at the hydraton) but the makgeolli is where it's at!! The makgeolli flavour is pretty hydrating and gives a temporary brightening effect. I've repurchased several times already from ULTA (instant gratification!) but prefer to buy online in a variety pack or a set of three as it's far cheaper.

tsaio masks

I had picked both of these up from a past Uwajimaya haul. Not in consecutive days but I used three of the Super Firming Masks, mostly to use up the remainder of the box. I love this mask and should repurchase as I like the hydration this mask offers. There's also so much extra essence....and dat raw Job's Tears extract....!!

If I could find a full box, I would actually buy a full box of the Chamomile Licorice Skin Soothing Mask, also by Tsaio as after use, I saw a dramatic decrease in my redness. There are licorice root and chamomile extracts in the ingredients list, so I was pretty thrilled. I also do want to invest in a licorice extract, in hopes that it could calm my redness during flare-ups but over a longer period of time.

my scheming masks

Judging by my empties, I think I really love My Scheming masks!!! This has to be a new record for me:

  • deep ocean water saccharide isomerate mask x1
  • bird's nest collagen hydrating mask x2
  • green tea & barley whitening mask x2
  • neroli brightening mask x1
  • bulgarian rose whitening mask x1
  • gold enzyme moisterizing black mask x1

The highlights were trying the Bulgarian Rose mask for the first time--I don't enjoy rose scents much in my beauty products because typically they are too strong and I'll end up sneezing. This mask however, just might be a nice segue into the rose garden. Also, the Gold Enzyme Black Mask was (at the time) my first ever black mask. It was very dripping with essence and had small gold flakes embedding into the cotton of the mask. I also happen to have a review of this mask, sitting my drafts.....

patches & whatnot

I actually did a full length review of The Face Shop's cherry cherry lips modelling gel lip patch (not pictured) at the same of an Etude House Cheek Patch (review is here) and enjoyed using both, despite how much of gimmick both products were. It was fun, of course.

ayyyyy!!! \(^o^)/ i did a quick #review of the @thefaceshop.official cherry cherry lips modeling gel patch on my blog spot!! (link is in bio) 🍒💋💕 . やっほー!\(^o^)/新ブログ更新のはザフェイスショップさんのチェリーチェリーリップモデリングジェルパッチの#レビュー を書きました。プロフィールの自己紹介でリンクがそちら。🍒💋💕 . in the same post i also reviewed an EH cheek patch (not pictured) . 同じブログの更新でエチュードさんのチークパッチもレビュを書きてできたわよ〜 . both patches were more or less a #gimmick and were more entertainment than functional however both did #hydrate the areas, as intended ✌🏼️✨✨ . 両のパッチはなんとなくgimmickみたいでが実用的な商品より使うのは楽しくてさすが両も肌がもっと#保湿 になりそうだったよ✌🏼️✨✨ . . #rasianbeauty #thefaceshop #kbeauty #koreanskincare #skincare #instaskincare #lip #patch #pink #スキンケア #韓国スキンケア #化粧品 #リップ #パック #スケッチ #스킨케어 #더페이스샵 #페이스 #모델링 #패치 #촉촉
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I also used one each of a Mediheal E.G.T eye gel patch and a Tony Moly gel eye patch set (previously reviewed here). I do want to compare the two, since both are hydrating in similar ways, but the result and experience is different.

I tried the Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch for the first time too, and had some laughs while kind of looking like a panda! A bit gimmick-y but once is fine. A cheap ass Daiso find was an Aloma foot mask pad, of those kind that you stick to the bottom of your feet to help draw out the nasties (with a pleasant rose scent!) Using this was very interesting as it did work, and makes me want to seriously invest in some foot products and just plain taking better care of my feet.

Naisture's Red Wine sheet pack smelled more like sweet, sweet grape soda than remotely wine but it did more or less work...? The essence was more of a cream than watery.

Like I said on my Instagram, the mango Holika Holika Juicy mask sheet did droop a lot around my chin but boy, was it hydrating!! I would probably repurchase if I found them again locally, say at TJ Maxx or Marshalls but it's more difficult if ordering from TesterKorea, since sheet masks are so heavy...

pure smile pink flower butou art mask face pack

I had the most fun with this particular character mask, much like with the Funassyi pear mask that I tried sometime last year. For some reason, I had been saving this mask too, since I only had one of it; expensive--it was also $$$ at $4 ea. from a previous Uwajimaya haul from also early last year, and I wanted to savour every last drop (pun very much intended).

【日本語あり】for day 14 of #novembermaskchallenge i did a @puresmile_cosme pink flower #butou art mask face pack!! 🌷🌸🌺 . 14日目の11月フェイスパックのチャレンジって今回はピュアスマイルさんからの仮面舞踏会アートマスクというキャラクターフェイスパックだったよね〜🌷🌸🌺 . im writing up a longer review for my blog but here's a #sheetmaskselfie !!! . ビューティブログのためにちょっと長くのレビューを書いてますがフェイスパックをつけている#自撮り どうぞ☆ . basically it was fun to use! smelled like roses and was ok a #hydrating dat 顔!🌹💕 @nourishtheskin @woodnote_song . 正直に使うのはマジ楽しかったしバラの香りでけっこう保湿のパックの感じだと思います☆ 🌹💕 . . #rasianbeauty #puresmile #jbeauty #japanesebeauty #japaneseskincare #mask #sheetmask #pack #abcommunity #instaskincare #bblogger #日本スキンケア #ピュアスマイル #パック #フェイスパック #スキンケア #化粧品 #保湿 #仮面舞踏会 #アートマスク #스킨케어 #촉촉 #마스크 #팩 #1일1팩
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But no more! I decided to whip this out as part of Day 14 of the November mask challenge, over on Instagram. I felt so relaxed once the mask was on my face. It was very hydrating with plenty of extra essence left over for my necks, arms, chest and thighs!I want to try out the other art mask types, and definitely just the regular Pure Smile mask line, for reasons...

dr jart+ vital hydra solution deep hydration sheet mask

Hydrating but I think it's generally too expensive for frequent use. I also just had too much fun filming the video that I posted on IG...!

day 9 of #novembermaskchallenge was skin emergency !! 🚨🚑👀💦💦💦💦@nourishtheskin @woodnote_song . in terms of skincare emergencies...typically my skin will dry out 💦💦so i went with a deep hydration theme in mind with this @drjart_official dermask water jet vital hydra solution #sheetmask 💦💦 . with hyaluronic acid and algae extract, the mask is supposed to enhance the moisture barrier on the face and prevent hydration loss 👌🏼💦💦💦 . i was so surprised at how hydrating it was?! the essence reminded me of gokujun lotion with a scent like musk candy?! . the mask is kind of expensive at $6 ea. at @sephora 💦💦 i got this in a past birchbox and half forgot i had it and half was saving it for a special night of pampering 💦💦💦💦 . . #rasianbeauty #video #drjart #kbeauty #skincare #abcommunity #koreanskincare #instaskincare #bblogger #ドクタージャルト#スキンケア #化粧品 #韓国スキンケア #保湿 #パック #스킨케어 #촉촉 #마스크 #팩 #1일1팩 #닥터자르트
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nohj back intracell boosting mask *

I did receive this mask for review purposes from 08.L a while back and really enjoyed the experience! The coolest part is that mask essence foams up (like the Elizavecca Carbonated mask does) when it comes into contact with air, and it looks absolutely HILARIOUS! I still have my photos from that time but the review is sitting in my drafts....!!

excuse my hair....i just got out of the shower a bit ago so my hair is air drying!!!! . i received this @nohj_korea black intracell boosting mask from @0.8l_usa for review purposes~ enjoy the #sheetmaskselfie and hella bubblessss! . im basically gonna just use my review that i wrote over on 08L's site: . "so far, this is the most unique i've used to date. soon after unwrapping the black mask, the runny essence starts to thicken and bubble into a white foam after being exposed to the air--much like a very popular bubbling carbonate clay mask! It's hilarious to watch as your face bubbles! . because of the change of the essence, there is some added weight to the mask so it doesn't sit on the face well as it droops. i don't recommend eating or opening your mouth as you may accidentally eat some of the foam. . refreshingly lemon scented (not like cleaning supplies, ahaha!) and borderline hanbang is how to best describe the scent. the essence does tingle, like bubbling on the skin but it is relaxing. . i left the mask on for a good 20 mins and while trying to hold in some laughter, my face is so foamy--feels like I just got out of the bath. 💦💦 . i wiped my eyes but let the foamy essence dry down and patted the remaining into my face." . so basically, a cool #skinentertainment type of mask...but one that kinda works and is fun to use?! . . #rasianbeauty #review #kbeauty #skincare #nohj #intracellmask #kbeauty #skincare #sheetmask #08L #08liter #abcommunity #koreanskincare #instaskincare #bblogger #パック #スキンケア #化粧品 #韓国スキンケア #保湿 #스킨케어 #촉촉 #마스크 #팩 #1일1팩 #엔오에이치제이 #트라셀
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The Lovemore Rhodiola Antioxidant & Brightening Mask Sheet wins hands down for the outer packaging design! That aesthetic, ya'll! I forgot where I picked this up now, but the mask was very enjoyable since I has been saving it for a review for sometime and it was rewarding to finally use it.

Equally as herb based, Purederm's Moisterizing Korean Herb mask was just alright. Like I wrote on my Instagram, the mask did hydrate and moisten my face but the fit was so bad.

them minerals

It can't be a sheet mask empties post without some My Beauty Diary masks~~! I used one each of the Hyaluronic Acid and Caviar flavours. I prefer the HA over the Caviar but both have that dripping essence.

I had been kind of saving this Soo Ae Deep Sea Water mask to do another updated comparison review to the My Scheming Deep Ocean mask but I lost interest (time is limited, lately). I had spotted them a while ago at my local Walmart but forgot to post about it. So, I used this instead during the end of the November mask challenge, on Instagram. It had good performance but certainly nothing outstanding or notable.

day 28 (deep sea) of #novembermaskchallenge i used a @sooae.official deep sea water #sheetmask that is for calming & #hydration 💦💦 @nourishtheskin @woodnote_song . i picked this up fairly recently from my local Walmart store seeing as theyve started to sell some sheet masks... but ya girl forgot to post about it!!! at 2.50 ea. tho they are a little pricey for a regular mask pack....😰💰 . the mask was a regular ol' cotton mask!! it unfolded from the packet easily and fit well...had enough #essence to cover the mask but little to no extras...!!!!! 💦💦there wasn't much of a scent either so yay to that 👀👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 . I woke up withfairly all right skin: not as much redness but it was baby butt soft!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 . . #rasianbeauty #kbeauty #kbeautyblogger #sooae #abcommunity #skincare #koreanskincare #instaskincare #skincarejunkie #instabeauty #bblogger #スキンケア #韓国スキンケア #化粧品 #パック #촉촉 #스킨케어 #마스크 #팩 #1일1팩 #面膜
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good things come in better packaging

I had been saving this Freeset Donkey Milk Gel mask, in Aqua for some god unknown reason...probably under the impression that since it's more "expensive", it's "better", but nah. I pulled it out randomly and thought to use it.

I love the holographic packaging on the outside, but my face didn't enjoy the gel mask pack. The essence burned my nose and the mask itself didn't stay on my face well, so I decided to include it for the November mask challenge--that day's theme was "biggest disappointments", which it sure was a disappointment™.  It wasn't even a gel mask!

day 17 of #novembermaskchallenge is biggest disappointments 😤😰 . . this #freeset donkey milk skin gel mask #pack in aqua isn't the biggest disappointment per se but it doesn't perform in the way that I still disappointing...!!! 💦💦💦 . i adore the #holographic packaging ten times more than the mask itself tbh 😵💦 . despite using this before and liking it then...I still wish the mask would be an actual gel/hydrogel mask not a cotton one with a funky gel like texture to it! 😤😤 . plus the main horizontal fold across the mask is too strong so when you go to unfold it doesn't sit well on the face and it bunches up a little 💦💦 . the essence now burns my nose and upper lip area ever so slightly (it's not major but it's uncomfortable) but does still leave my cheeks feeling idk how to feel about this 💦💦💦 @nourishtheskin @woodnote_song . . #rasianbeauty #kbeauty #challenge #abbeauty #bblogger #review #abcommunity #blogger #mask #koreanskincare #skincare #review #instaskincare #スキンケア #韓国スキンケア #化粧品 #マスク #パック #1日1パック #フリーセット #ビューティー #保湿 #1일1팩 #스킨케어 #마스크 #팩 #面膜
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Just as shiny was Tony Moly's Intense Care Snail Hydrogel Mask, which I did enjoy a lot after hoarding it for sometime (keeping away for a special occasion??). The mask is a two piece hydrogel mask (yes!!! finally!!!!) and essence was kind of sticky afterwards but so incredibly refreshing! Of course, my thoughts are still the same: nice, but so expensive unless you buy online from Korean sellers at Korean prices, not stateside.

more nohj *

Both were initially received for purposes but now, I've just been trying to use them up (they sent a whole box for both sets!)  Out of the two, I definitely prefer to the Superfood Blueberry mask over the luxe Lustre 24K gold set, mostly because I don't like lemons or overly strong citrus scents--they tend to dry me out and make my nose run! Both were pretty hydrating though, so that's the main payoff.

bzzzzzzzzzz 🐝🍯🍯

Both of these are kind of...lackluster. I've bought both as a box from TJ Maxx recently, but the Welcos Jeju Natural Canola Honey Mask honestly performs better than the New Zealand based Lanocreme Manuka Honey mask. I just don't readily reach for either mask but I am trying to use them up.


When trying out The Face Shops's character masks, I think I enjoyed looking like a panda more than experiencing the actual mask! It just cracked me UP every time I look into the mirror.

Holika Holika's Juicy Mask line has been a bit of favourite of mine but I am just trying to use up my current stash before I rush out and repurchase any masks I truly enjoyed. When I've broken out, the Tea Tree flavour has been my go to to help sooth those areas.I also just like the smell of tea tree oil, so it's kind of nostalgic.

banila co. tea party brightening mask - oolong tea x1

I wished this smelled like tea? but boy, that essence!!! I experienced more of brightening effect after using this mask but I probably won't make it a regular mask as it's kind of expensive and a little hard to find--once is good.

Thanks for reading--now I can take out the trash!


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