AB Haul from Beaverton Uwajimaya!!

11:38 PM

Hello, all! I purposely waited to publish this post, so I could include my vlog from that day, too.

My mum's birthday was on the 25th, so I went with my parents down to Portland for a day road trip.
We did a short bakery "crawl", and hit up Uwajimaya in Beaverton, of course.

I did pick up some snacks, but here's my skincare haul!

First up, here's my weekly?? vlog of that day that features some footage from Uwajimaya, some other places and stuff from later in this week.  Enjoy! :D

Now to the haul!!

my scheming apple brightening & hydrating mask box - $16.50

I haven't tried My Scheming masks at all, but I've been itching to try them after reading so much about them on the AB subreddit! I picked a box of the Apple Brightening "flavour", figuring it would be the best for my skin at this time.

pure smile individual masks - $4 ea.

I've been wanting to order some Pure Smile masks off of Rakuten but I've been putting it off, for some reason. Hello, instant gratification!! I thought the Funassyi one would be HILARIOUS--ssuming the cute pear is printed on the masks too, and just not on the outside packaging!!

my scheming individual masks

Instead of completely killing my wallet and buying full boxes of each of the My Scheming mask "flavours", I thought I'd pick up one of a few types, to test them out and see if I like them based on hydration, scent...and whatnot.

(sakura brightening, neroli brightening, grape seed instant brightening, Bulgarian rose whitening, deep ocean water saccharide isomerate)

bioreU peach body wash refills

It was cheaper to buy the refills ($8) rather than one of the actual pumps bottles ($13). I really had no reason to buy these, beyond wanting a nice peach scented body wash.  More on this later....

ichikami moisturizing shampoo & conditioner set

I bought a bottle of Ichikami shampoo late last year, from TJ Maxx--I really like it and I wanted to try more of the Ichikami line.  I saw this for $26 at Uwajimaya and thought, "why not?!"

See you soon!!

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