[Review] Four AB cleansers that just are not my cup of tea...

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Hello all! This post has been a long in the making as while I was busy with work, I was unsure of my honest thoughts about all four products. But now, I'm here--I'm ready to spit fire!! Here's a post about four AB cleansers that really didn't do it for me and why, and my experiences with each one.

etude house baking powder pore cleansing foam (3 in 1)

I liked this but my ability to use it required me to put restrictions on how often and how much I used. I initially liked this Etude House cleanser after using a sample of the BB Deep Cleansing Foam but ending purchasing the Baking Powder Pore Cleansing version instead, at the time. The two are pretty much the same, as far as I can tell.

So far, the Baking Powder Pore Cleansing cleanser I have found to be rough on drier skin types and is likely better suited if your skin is oily or your face is nasty and sweaty, after a long day.

The cleanser, while a silky, soft white paste, can be rough once mixed with water. It'll emulsify very quickly, leaving behind the rough texture of the cleanser. Typically, I would use this as a second cleanser after oil cleansing with Kose's softymo deep cleansing oil, to help eliminate all the exfoliating power to go to my skin first.

All was well...up until I noticed the in the last third of the cleanser being slimier and more potent than usual. The citrus scent is somehow noticeably stronger than it was before so I'm wondering if the tube is nearing its expiration date...?

I also found that despite rotating my daily cleansers and not using the Baking Powder Pore Cleansing cleanser every day, on the day or night that I used it, my skin would feel dry and tight--despite doubling cleansing gently with a cleansing oil beforehand (how many times do you want to say "cleansing"??!?!).  Even when I followed up with my usual routine of hydrating layers (Gokujun lotion, liquid Ceramidan, moisturizer and a sheet mask, at some point) I could tie the tightness on face and cheeks back to this cleanser.

If I decide to repurchase and if say, I (gasp!) become more oily, it will only be the sample size so I can use the tube of cleanser faster.

shiseido perfect whip cleanser

I bought a tube of the seemingly popular Perfect Whip cleanser off of Amazon. At the time, there weren't as many detailed reviews as the few I've found since, as well as fellow r/AsianBeauty users who have explained the cleanser had a higher (than necessary) pH level and isn't what the cleanser is cracked up to be. 

When the cleanser arrived, I promptly opened the box. There was NO security wrap or foil over the cap and some of the product dripped out when I opened the cap and UGH. The cleanser seems goopy and stringy and smell wasn't pleasant--it's a weird ass scented mix of glue and spac-fill.

I don't know if that is the intended smell, or I received a bad tube. I didn't care because at the time, I paid about $6 or $7 on Amazon.

I'm a little embarrassed to say, but I basically let this sit in a Sephora bag of empties next to my desk for a little while, until I read a thread about someone re-purposing this cleanser as a shaving cream, just the other day.  Earlier tonight, I shaved one leg and tried out the Perfect Whip cleanser--it works! At least in the shower, I won't notice the weird smell as much as if I slapped the cleanser actually on my face. Ick!

shiseido pureness deep cleansing foam

I picked up this Shiseido cleanser for about USD12.99 at my local TJ Maxx store, wow...like last September? I liked this cleanser initially but now, the perfumed smell and micro beads are really getting to me.  Since September 2k15, I stepped up my routine and my skin changed from being dry and dehydrated to just less dry and just more thirsty. I also

The cleanser is a little runny but the micro beads (which were not mentioned on the packaging at all) really throw you off. The perfumed soap scent was the point of no return for me--I'd smell it while washing my face--the smell lingered--my hands smelled like it, too.

This Shiseido cleanser is hard to get a foam out of, and equally as hard to actually cleanse with. It won't budge on the skin unless you have a lot of friction to get it moving.


naive peach cleansing foam

I saved the best (worst) for last!! I picked this up at a trip to H-Mart, around November 2k15...? for pretty cheap.

This Naive cleanser is like that typical AB cleanser texture: whipped frosting. It also smells nothing like peach but like an actual bar of cheap soap and plastic.  I was hoping for a sickly sweet peach scent in the least, but not for this tube.

I will say, this Naive cleanser does foam up as you mix it with water...as long as you have some major friction going on, otherwise you will be standing at the sink for longer. You will stripping the moisture off of your face and neck. Your skin will become dry and squeaky tight--like you've shoved your face into the tightest pair of skinny jeans kind-of-tight--and it's so unpleasant, on top of the funky soap smell...

I kind of want to review this cleanser more in depth and do some experimenting and testing with it...


See you!

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