Trash Talk: Facial Spray Empties

2:16 PM

It looks like a lot but well, it's not...! Here's a quick post of some empties, and a mini review of each product.

I want to preface that while I've repurchased both, I kind of regret that as neither seem to truly hydrate without drying out my skin. When I finish my bottle of each one, I likely won't repurchase--I want to find something AB that is more hydrating.

mario badescu rose water facial spray

Mario Badescu's popular rose water facial spray is a light, moisturizing, designed to be misted over the face when skin seems dry and is geared towards skin that is prone to redness.  The directions on the back of the bottle say you can use it as a makeup setting spray and also in your hair. I have found it doesn't set makeup as well for me, as the UD setting sprays work better.  I also have noticed that while I like the spray, it seems to dry my face out and cause it to be flaky on my cheeks, despite continuing my usual skincare routine without much change.

I first started with the tester mini size from a Mario Badescu travel kit I bought from ULTA, around Christmas 2014. I liked it and continued to buy the full size. I'm currently on my fourth 118ml full size bottle. While I like the rose water spray but after my fourth bottle, I'm not going to repurchase; I'd rather focus my efforts on finding a better facial spray elsewhere, one that is better value. Priced at $7 dollars, it's not bad value but as the spray seems to be drying out my face, despire being marketed as a "rejuvenating" spray, it just doesn't seem worth the price for the change in my skin...

I'm setting my sights on Etude House's Moistfull line, at the moment.

lush eau roma water

Second is the Eau Roma Water, from LUSH. It's a light, gentle toner water, infused from rose and lavender and is meant for daily use. I've used a complete 100ml bottle and now have repurchased the same size.

While the Eau Roma Water is actually a toner water, I used it more as a light facial spray. I would spritz it on my face while at work, whenever my skin needed a pick-me-up, or as a light setting spray over my powder to prevent my face looking too cake-y.

I am a little hesitant to repurchase after the current bottle I'm working on: I like to buy from a LUSH store, in person and my nearest store is a bit of a drive away.  I do find however, my skin is more thirsty whenever I use the Eau Roma Water, and sometimes, ever so slightly itchy. I need to test out a few things to find out whether it's a reaction to this LUSH product, or my skin acting up (the weather has been awfully weird, lately...).

That's all for now! It's time for me to get ready for work. See you!!

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