Trash Talk: AB Empties #2 ( + mini reviews )

12:43 AM

Hello, all! I'm here with another AB Empties post...but first, some updates!

EXO's D.O. dropped a full ver. of Tell Me (What Is Love) and like every other EXO stan, I'm struggling to breathe through this treacherous time. The full version of the track is just so smooth and emotional....! (SM, more like S&M!!!!) Download this track on iTunes and join the happy group suffering, guys!!!!

Also, I had my one year anniversary at my job just a few days ago and I've had my schedule switched around to be on early mornings instead of afternoons aka I got that position, for more experience working with mods and the dept. managers. I'm so excited for the change but I'm going to miss working with everyone in the afternoons/evenings.  (gotta hit up a few people to exchange contacts because I'll likely not see them ever again despite working at the same place, but different times.)

Anyway, it's time to cull through my trash in my Sephora bag by my desk and pull out my next lot of AB empties (so I can recycle the containers, ahaha...).

laneige multi cleanser - travel size

I'm glad I had the chance to try this out in a smaller quantity because, wow, it's pretty drying and rough on the skin! It smells nice and will make your skin soft if not used daily, but there is a also of exfoliating power in this cleaner, so beware dry skin folks! I did end up with smooth skin but if I didn't follow up with the next step in my routine (something hydrating, in liquid form) like Hado Labo's Gokujun lotion or Dr Jart+ Liquid Ceramidin, my face would dry out and feel in credibly tight.

I did an experiment though.

My experiment was to discover what product could make this Laneige cleanser less...rough on the skin. I decided to double cleanse with a oil cleanser first, and did this over the course about three weeks. In the morning when I woke up and sometimes at night, after getting home from work, I used Kose softymo and then used a small amount of the Laneige Multi Cleanser afterwards as a second cleanser. I found that the mineral oil base of softmo cleansing oil helped to give a different texture to my skin, so when the grittiness of the Multi Cleanser meshed with my face, it reacted with the cleansing oil first, rather than attacking my face and pulling the moisture from it.

I also made a point not to use the Multi Cleanser everyday, as a test. When I used, I made sure it was a day that I wore heavier make up--the full kit-and-caboodle--finding that it does work best as a second cleanser, but only sometimes. I didn't want to end up with dry patches on my cheeks....or the western concept of a squeaky "clean" face.

Would I buy the full size? At $22 something, no way. While I'm still searching for a cleanser, this Laneige one currently is not what I'm looking for...

laneige water bank serum - travel size

I'm almosyt done with that Hydration kit that I bought at Target!!! I just have the emulsion left!!

The mini size of the Water Bank serum more like an emulsion: it was was milky, slightly runny but also thicker in consistency, compared to a runnier type of serum. Like Laneige's other products, the scent was that stock standard floral scent with a sea breeze hint to it, one that can be overpowering (especially when you're sick and struggling to breathe...).

Overall, I liked the "serum" but I don't think it did much for my face--my skin was soft but nothing didn't garner a "WOW!!!" reaction. I don't think I'd buy the full size, but it does make me want to haul a few more hydrating serums in preparation for spring and summer, when I'll be sweating a lot at work.

benton honest tt mist

I finally got through my Benton TT Mist! I did a sponsored review pretty recently and I enjoyed it at the time. Since writing the review, I do think my skin is either very thirsty lately, or seems drier after I use this mist--I'm not sure if it's the tea tree extracts or what. I bet it's the dry air at work that isn't helping...

I did enjoy the convenience and slightly novelty of the TT Mist being in a tube; it could be in my pocket at work or easily be stored in my purse.Would I repurchase? I'm not so sure; I'm just not sure if my skin is loving tea tree...

tony moly tomatox massage pack

I think I finally got through my first container of this, but I had already purchased a second a month or two ago. I know there's a divide on who loves this and who doesn't but man, I really enjoy the instant brightening effect afterwards.  When I pull my head up after washing this off and look in the mirror, I just love that split second moment of "Dang, I'm finally pale without redness!!!!! I look normal!!!!!!".  It's just a nice feeling.

My face will feel "baby butt" soft, too but I do need to follow up fairly quickly with hydrating layers soon afterwards, other my skin will feel tight-ish. I think that is more due to my cold, rainy climate than the product.  I have one use left if I scrape the side so it's time to go put this on my face...!! (Time to throw out the trash!!)

e choice fermented tea sleeping pack

I want to do a longer, in-depth review of this sleeping pack but throughout using this tube, I've been adoring it. There is a slight brightening effect and I do wake up with an almost all white, pale face (no redness!) a few mornings here and there. Mostly, it's a dramatic, reduced amount of redness--the fermented tea is a key to this, I'm sure.

biore u peach scented body wash - refill pouch

I picked up two of these lovely peach boy washes on a recent haul at Uwajimaya Beaverton, while on a road trip down in Portland/Beaverton.

I've went through one hole pouch because wow, the sweet peach-y smell makes me want to use it more. I tend to shower at least once a day, but sometimes I will shower twice a day--before and after work. I like to be refreshed and smelling good before work, and afterwards, refreshed and clean for bed. I'll take a shower pouf or washcloth, lather some of the body wash and get busy cleaning!! 
The smell is so fun and sweet!! 

This Biore U peach body wash ended up being cheaper ($8??) in the refill pouch, compared to a couple dollars more for the smaller pump bottle. 

Anyway, its' time to throw away my recyclables! See you!

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