Sheet Mask Shenanigans: The Week In Sheet Masks

12:07 PM

Work has been busy so my de-stressing/coping mechanism is sheet masking when I home, after work. Here's a quick post of my week in sheet masks!

holika holika juicy sheet masks

I picked these up a few months ago my local TJ Maxx for around...$4.99? $5.99?? for a box of a five.  I bought a box of Aloe and Tea Tree and later on a separate trip, I spotted a box of Blueberry.  

Anyway, I started off my week with the Holika Holika Tea Tree on Monday night, as my last step of my routine, before going to bed. My skin needed this hydration; the mask was thicker than I expected/am used to but it was dense with essence. I put it on my face and woke up to gently soft skin.  

Skipping Tuesday, I used the Holika Holika Blueberry mask before going to work on Wednesday afternoon/early evening. I left the mask on for about 20 mins and patted in the remaining essence before continuing with the rest of my routine (and later, applying makeup). Later that night at work, I didn't feel the beed to mist my face on my break so I'm assuming the Blueberry mask did it's hydration duties!

my beauty diary masks

I ended my busy Wednesday night by relaxing and double-masking with a My Beauty Diary Collagen sheet mask. I really enjoy MBD masks for the pleasant fit, the slight cooling effect.

On Thursday afternoon before work, I slapped on a MBD Hylauronic Acid mask before doing the makeup portion of my routine. My skin was so soft and hydrated throughout the night--my foundation sat well on my skin too, surprisingly!!

While I like the Black Pearl version a lot, I really enjoy the simplicity of both flavours and the thinness of the mask sheet. It tends to not tear or break on me but sits better on my face. I can either put a MBD mask on before work, or just before bed and leaving it on overnight, while I sleep.

See you!

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