Trash Talk: AB Empties #1 ( + mini reviews )

4:43 PM

Hello, all!  I've been in a cleaning mode lately and have been organising my clothes, makeup and...basically everything.

I've discovered that I've actually been using up more products than I had realised, so it's time for an AB edition of "trash talk": where I talk about my empties, do a quick review and then can throw out my trash. Enjoy!!

mizon multi function formula snail recovery gel cream

I went through my first tube of snail goop! I do like it but I didn't notice a major difference while I was using this but I have noticed that since I ran out and have no used the snail gel, my skin is lacking some kind of hydration. My routine has remained largely the same, so either my skin is thirsty and is effected by the climate more that I thought, or it really is the snail goop. I've yet to discover this as I haven't yet ordered more (yet).

Basically, as many other bloggers have said, the Mizon snail gel cream is a light gel that either some like, some don't. For some, the may break out and for other, it has become a HG. For me, I'm right in the middle. I like it--it doesn't break me out--I have no problems with it (yet) but it's by no means, a HG product for me.  I have noticed that my face, particularly my cheeks have been extra thirsty and nothing so far will quench it. Maybe it was the beloved snail foop, maybe not. But it'll be an ongoing mystery for me to solve.

I will repurchase the snail gel, likely from Jolse (through Amazon) in a couple of weeks days.

laneige power essential skin toner - normal to dry skin

I bought the hydration kit, purchased last summer??? from Target, which contains six travel size Laneige products for USD$29.  Since purchasing, I've been slowly using the items in the kit. This toner though, has to be my least favorite in the kit...

The toner is more like a watery, liquid lotion (like Hada Lado's Gokujun lotion) but with a strong smell of alcohol.  I believe alcolhol is high on the ingredients list, too--I can't confirm for sure because I accidently threw the paper insert with all the ingredient listings for each product away. /sob

This Laneige toner didn't dry my face out necessarily, but it didn't add much hydration or anything to my skin either. Nothing remarkable happened. I can handle the smell and severity of the Etude House Wonder Pore toner far better, it's safe to say that I would not purchase the full size.

skinfood peach sake pore serum

Initially I was like "meh." about Skinfood's Peach Sake Pore Serum. It smelled very nice (peaches!!!), was pretty moisturising and is more like a light moisturiser than a serum, but it wasn't a WOW!!!! level of hydration that I'm currently STILL searching for.  (The bottle is cute, except for paper based cap...Skinfood, why??!) 

I used about a third of the bottle within two or three months but grew bored as I was using other products. It went on easily and my face absorbed the slightly runny serum fairly well, but I had to be careful how much I put on to avoid any stickiness. It does leave a slight silky thin film, which if you tend to have dry skin, can help to reveal flakes on your faces. It also can be a little drying, so I tended to use this every second or third day in my routine.

Basically, I grew tired of the tedious bullshit. More than a few months passed and I saw that I had about half left of my bottle, and began thinking of ways how to use this product up.  I started using it on my neck. Later, I read on the AB subreddit ad in a few blogspots where others had re-purposed the Skinfood serum as a primer or a moisturiser.  I decided to try the serum out as a primer, put on before my makeup routine. Much better! Now I'm finally done with this!!

Will I repurchase? Yes, but only if it's a good price and only if I'm using it as a primer. But I'm sure there are better primers out there that are similar.

dr jart+ ceramidin liquid skin saver

HELL YEAH THIS IS MY JAM.  My liquid jam. Hand down, Dr Jart+ Liquid Ceramidin has helped my dry flaky cheeks to become normal throughout 2014 and 2015, so that when I wear foundation, it doesn't stick and look cakey. This is my second container and I'm definitely repurchasing, probably through Sephora.

I do layer this after using Hada Labo's Gokujun Lotion, but I find that it works best during spring and summer--both actually do. I have had to cut down usage of the liquid ceramidin to every second night, otherwise my face is too sticky the next morning as it doesn't absorb well when it's too cold in my house--it's been pretty cold up here in WA.

laneige water sleeping pack - mini size

Also part of the hydration travel kit from Target is a mini of Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack. I finished this up fairly quickly (within a month) but leaving about a finger-scoop worth left for a reminder of the scent and texture.

Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack in my limited experience is a good sleeping pack. It isn't great but it isn't bad but it performs a essential fuction: to hydrate while you sleep. I find that I don't need to use a controlled amount to avoid stickiness--for some reason, it doesn't happen with this pack (or the E Choice fermented tea pack, either). I tend to use a quarter-szed amount, focusing on my cheeks and chin for maximum hydration. I ususally choose this as the last step in my routine. The light floral / ocean?? scent isn't overpowering like how it is with the Laneige toner and Water Bank emulsion, but it's still a noticeable scent.  The steep price of the sleeping pack is annoyingly steep, so buying online is a better bet. 

In the coming weeks, I want to take a close look at the ingredients and study it to see what ingredients seem to be working for my skin.

I liked the sleeping pack so much bought the full size around Black Friday??? last year and gifted it myself for Christmas. t was about USD$35.

hada labo gokujun hyaluronic lotion - moist

HELL YEAH!!!! I bought Hada Labo's cult Gokujun lotion, in moist, around August 2015. I just finished it up yesterday (late-Jan 2016) and I honestly couldn't believe how fast I went through this bottle!!

I used the Gokujun moist lotion primarily a lot during last summertime and going into autumn; my face drank the hyaluronic acid up like a thirsty beast. I liked it a lot, but I want to try out the Shirojun line to compare the two before calling the Gokujun moist lotion anything close to HG, and sharing my full thoughts. I also try out ordering from Cosmebox on Rakuten.

Side note: the kanji 極 and 潤 are now forever ingrained in my head.  肌研さん、あざす!

Anyway, that's all my AB empties for now. See you!

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