Haul - Black Friday TesterKorea (the one that almost got away!)

5:24 PM

I made the mistake of ordering from TK, around the Thanksgiving/Black Friday period, but I don't regret it.

My order went through relatively quickly, but it felt like AGES until I received it.  I ordered November 22nd; the order shipped on November 29th and I just welcomed my beauty-ful box of goodies into my arms, mid-morning on Jan 4th.

t h e  g o o d s :

I basically got a chunk of sheet masks that I wanted to try out before committing to a bigger, bulk pack or box.


banila co. clean it zero original cleansing sherbet (mini size) - ~₩1500

Basically, common sense kicked in here: I didn't want to throw $$ at the full size on Amazon or elsewhere, only to discover that it didn't work for me--being stuck with a product I'm not so hot on isn't as fun as one would think.  So, buying a single mini size seemed worth it to me.

baviphat sleeping pack - apple ac therapy & lemon whitening (mini size) - 1500 ea.

This is primarily for trying the two sleeping pack out to see if my skin likes them. I lso just might keep the containers around because they're so cute!

baviphat / urban dollkiss paprika moisture hand cream - 3800

Cute hand creams just really get me....

too cool for school fresh gore sleeping pack - 3000 for 10

I've been humming and hah-ing over getting these, or whether I should just go for the full size. After some thinking, I went in the opposite direction and ordered two packs of ten of samples. I figured that would be a nice compromise, in case my skin reacts or I end up griping over the smell.

e choice fermented tea sleeping pack - ₩1700

I've been using my first tube of this a lot recently so I thought I'd repurchase! My skin loves this sleeping pack so much and I love the price--so it's a win-win for all!

etude house moistfull collagen deep cream - ₩2000 for 10 samples

I bought a pack of samples for the Moistfull essence (which I enjoyed), so I thought I'd try out the deep cream, of the same line.

urban dollkiss delicious collagen modeling pack - mango - ₩2500

I have one in strawberry from the same line that I'm planning to use, and I wanted to have an extra...for review purposes.


mediheal pumpkin ade mask - ₩1500 ea.

I had planned to buy the box of masks which might've been more cost effective (at the time) but the box was sold out. I instead just caved, and bought two single masks.  I expect that I will like these, so I intend on buying a full box from another website.

the face shop - face modelling patch cherry cherry lips - ₩2500

Was curious but in retrospect, it probably wasn't the best price I could've bought this lip patch at...

tonymoly i'm real mask sheet in avocado - ₩1000

I just wanted another one, ahah! I had about one from Ulta a few months ago, for 3.75.

too school for school egg cream mask - ₩3000

I'm preparing for a review...uhuhuhu...!!

inner kallia special care moedling pack, in arbutin & cool - ₩750 ea.

These were under the sale category, so I picked two up. I'm set for modelling masks--now it's time to actually use them!

banila co. tea party mask sheet, english breakfast & oolong tea -

I was curious and thought these could be a nice segue into banila co.'s sheet masks--tea masks always sound so cool, imo.

etude house i need you sheet mask, royal jelly & korean strawberry - ₩1000 ea.

Gotta try it once, right?!

and some samples:

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  1. Wow, nice haul! I'm mostly interested in the e choice fermented tea mask... I've never heard about this brand before! And I LOVE fermented stuff, LOL. Jeez, it's at a crazy low price too! o-o I might just pick it up!
    Junniku blog! (What I got for Christmas)

    1. Thanks! The fermented tea pack is really nice. There's barely any scent but it leaves the skin so soft in the morning--and it's so cheap~~! If you decide to pick it up, I hope you enjoy it!