Spotted! Physican's Formula Mineral Wear Cushion @ local Fred Meyer

2:10 AM

Hello, all!! I've been on a slight hunt in the last week or so, trying to find Physican's Formula Mineral Wear Cushion as seen on Instagram and blogs in the past few days. I wanted to find the cushion in the lightest shade and to try the feel of a cushion before purchasing a more..AB cushion.

The ladies at my local ULTA hadn't notcied that it would be coming in yet. Folks at Target looked at me strangely--they seem to only have the regular Physican's Formula line, with no LE or newer releases. I hit up my nearest Fred Meyer, since they also have a fairly well-stocked makeup area: no luck. On a chance, I went to another Fred Meyer store across town--one that usually has the newest seasonal lines out on time--and I happened to see these displays on an end cap. Score!

I ended up picking up two, in the light shade (light 6656). I'm hoping these will work for the time being.

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