Quick-ass Sephora + LUSH mini-haul !!

11:30 PM

I was up at the Tacoma Mall the other day, and picked up some stuff.

I stopped into the Sephora inside JCP. Initally I didn't see anything, but just as I turned to leave, I saw this set of Marc Jacobs perfume. I already own the full size Daisy Eau So Fresh one (pink), and my mum owns a rollerball of the Daisy (black) so I thought we'd split: she'd take the pink and I"d take the black.

Honestly, these are so cute!! (sob)

I did some other shopping and later, made my way to the stand alone Sephora--which I actually prefer to shop at--and found a few things.  I set out not to spend much or to overspend so that's why it's such a small haul. 

I picked up the full size of the Klorane mango butter shampoo. I enjoy the scent and how soft my hair has become while using the smaller, travel size. 

I also picked up another TCFS Dinoplatz lip balm, in Peach Melba.

I stopped into LUSH too, and made a slight beeline to the wall of black bottles: the skincare area. I repurchased the popular Eau Roma Water facial spray; my first bottle took a good six or seven months to finish the entire bottle.  I'll definitely have to review it now! 
I also picked up a shower gel: The Olive Branch--it smells so great. I really enjoyed nice scents and can be a key deciding factor on whether I want to buy a product or  to stay far, far away from it.

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