Favourite AB Products - 2015

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2015 is quickly coming to a close, and I thought I'd wrap up with a quick post about some favourite AB products that I enjoyed this year.  I got into AB more earlier this year, but focused mostly on skincare and easing some skin issues I have during the summertime, particularly redness and dry, dehydrated skin.

These aren't necessarily products released in 2015, but here are some products I enjoyed this year, and have had a significant positive result on me:

mizon snail recovery gel

I'm almost done with my first tube but I can say, I notice the difference when I'm not using the beloved snail goop on my face.  I know a lot of others say (or shout in caps) how big of a difference there is, but I truly believe it! There is a distinct missing layer of softness that I'm lacking--since I"m almost to the end of my tube, I haven't included Mizon's Snail Recovery Gel in my current routine... :( But I have enjoyed how soft my skin feels and the minor amount my redness on my cheeks drops after usage--guess it's time to reorder another tube soon (or three).

tony moly tomatox magic massage pack

I've enjoyed the temporary brightness that the Tomatox pack gives after I wash it off.  It's just a simple wash off pack, but I love how great my face looks and of course, the cute tomato shaped packaging! I've used it in a rush before work, on a minimal/no-makeup day and it helps my face look awake, and more alive. This my second pack already, and I'm definitely going to repurchase for a long awhile.

echoice fermented tea sleeping pack

A close runner up to this would've been Laneige's Water Sleeping pack, but that can sometimes be too much for my skin for regular use. The EChoice Fermented Tea sleeping pack however, is the right amount of occlusive and hydration for my skin and climate at this time.  The scent is almost like tea but the best part is how brightening the pack is, and how soft my face ends up being the following morning, after waking up.

kose softmo deep cleansing oil

This year, I've delved into the "double-cleansing" rabbit-hole routine and will never look back.  My current favourite thing is testing a good second cleanser to pair with Kose's Softymo. So far, it's a toss up between Laneige's Multi-cleanser and Etude House's Deep Pore BB Cleanser (the one that smells like citrus). Both are rougher exfoliants, but if I use the oil cleanser first, I feel like my skin can handle that excitement.  (Skinfood's Egg Pore cleanser is still too drying even if I use Softmyo beforehand.....)

kikumasamune high moisture lotion

God, I love this stuff and I wish I had pushed myself to buy it sooner! I was initially uneasy about slapping fermented sake on my face, but I finally took the plunge. Honestly, it does wonders for me: after washing my face (usually double-cleansing) I use a few pumps worth on a square cotton pad and swipe it over my face, focusing on my cheeks and jawline.  I also feel educated for remembering how to read 正宗 correctly.

skinfood strawberry black sugar mask wash off

I'm halfway through my first container and I'm going to repurchase. I don't mind the roughness of the scrub (sometimes it can be too rough, so I only use it like once or twice a week) but holy hot damn, the sweet strawberry scent is right up my alley!

and a bonus:

my beauty diary black pearl sheet mask

After using the tomatox pack, I'd often follow up at some point in my routine with a MBD Black Pearl sheet mask. I honestly just love how relaxed I feel after a sheet mask, and the balck pearl "flavour" has been one of my go-to sheet masks for a number of month this year, so much so that I've kind of neglected other sheet masks in my stash....

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  1. I like reading these short reviews ;) Im especially interested in the oil cleanser, have you tried other cleansers? which is your favorite?

    x Maya