Not My Cup Of Tea - Lip Edition

3:28 PM

I've been spending some well-needed time dedicating myself to cleaning out, organising and using a number of my makeup and skincare products. I've also spent time rearranging how I'm displaying products on my desk (a makeshift vanity, for now), and I've also discovered a number of products that I've disliked.

I've set these products in a Sephora bag (or like....three...shh....), kept them near my deak upstairs, and now it's time to talk about them so I can throw out my trash! I thought I'd start a series of posts that detail my disgust and dislike of products I'm avoiding using, or plain dislike, and why.

Here are a few lip products that just honestly, are not my cup of tea.

bareminerals marvelous moxie lip gloss - birthday babe

First in line for a fine dose of disappointment, was my free birthday item from ULTA from the end of 2015: a full size of bareMinerals' Marvelous Moxie lip gloss, in Birthday Babe. I was initially excited--and then I put some on my hand to swatch it: instant regret and disgust.

The thick lip gloss is too much; it's hard to apply and your hair WILL stick to it, no matter how little you put on. What is sad is that I love the colour and the smell (a light chocolate-y peppermint) but the sticky, hard-to-move formula is a major turn-off.

There's also a substantial amount of glitter that when after the gloss slips away, you will be left with a coating of glitter on your lips. The glitter looks pretty, but I'm not 12; I don't want this amount of glitter in my lipsticks anymore.

bareminerals natural lip gloss??? - cupcake???

Next, another bareMinerals lip gloss. It's in a similar colour, but three times the amount of a goopy mess as the previous lip gloss--so sticky! I bought this in sometime in late 2015, as part of a set with a mini size of the veil powder foundation and a matching brush.
I don't mind the colour--the gloss swatches fairly ok--but the smell and stickiness of it turned me right off. Good thing I only bought the set for the powder foundation!

rimmel show off liquid lip lacquer - 200 comet
Another disappointing lip gloss is a fairly standard Rimmel tube of lipgloss, from the "Show Off" lip lacquer line, in 200 Comet. The colour is a reddish brown and would be ok, except the fact that it's hard to use, is thick and it smells like a lipstick from 1998.  I'm not here for that (except for the colour, which I do adore), so it needs to go. Now.

But it does swatch on the hand pretty nicely. Such a pity....!

skinn sugar lip polishing scrub

Last, a lip scrub. I got this in a recent ipsy bag and wow....just, no.  The moment I tried a small amount on my lips, my lips felt like they were on fire!!!!! Well, I"m firing this lip scrub and throwing it far, far away! I may consider selling this but honestly, I think it's best to use it up for when I exfoliate my long as it doesn't burn them!

Good night!

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