Unboxing: Memebox - The Yeon Box + mini review

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Around October....? last year, Memebox announced one of its new boxes (at the time): The Yeon box. I had seen only the other variants of Hallabong cream packs on TesterKorea and had a good idea of the pricing for the brand--it's kind of on the expensive side.

I also hadn't heard about hallabong fruit but kind of understood that it is likely within the citrus fruit family, and proceeded to do a bit of research. I discovered that it's a sweeter type of mandarin orange, much like the dekopon variety, in Japan. It's most recognisable characteristic is the extra protruding bump on the top of the orange, and is one of Jeju Island's delicacies. Ah, Jeju~~~

And so, I grew interested. I did some further review-hunting online to see if other users had written about any of these itesm in the box, or any reviews of The Yeon products in general.  Nada. There wasn't much at all. So, I decided to take the plunge and just order from Memebox anyway.

I decided to wait on publishing this post so I could actually use each product and tell you some first impressions. (...and take some cool pictures, plus edit them.)

The Yeon box was USD$33 on Memebox and I purchased seven additional masks in the same order. At the time, I used the code "WELCOME" and got 15% off my order, which brought down the order to $39.10.  Memebox threw in two additional Leaders masks, (ilu, bae #3).  I worked out out and at Memebox, it would be far cheaper to buy the whole as opposed to buying each individual item, say on TK (plus shipping).

Let's get into it!

jeju hallabong energy heating massage deep cleanse - $18

This is gel cleanser, branded as a "unique cleanser that warms to open the pores for an ultimate cleansing that leaves the skin unbelievable smooth and radiant..."' Memebox advises to apply the cleanser over the face while avoiding the eye area and gently massage, focusing on and around the nose and cheeks to help open pores.

I used this now a couple times and so far, my skin loves it. There's no residue or tightness in my face after use--my skin is refreshed and brightened. The unique part I feel is strengthened when you massage your face, are only using your fingertips and have not added any water--don't start with a wet or damp face. Once water mixes with this cleanser, it immediately emulsifies and turns into a very thin, milky white liquid.

jeju hallabong energy mild all in one serum - $21.50

This supposed AIO serum promises to provide some "serious moisture and nutrition" with a combined function of a essence, serum and emulsion.  I expected it to smell nice and help to moderately hydrate my skin at night time.

The first time I used The Yeon's Jeju Hallabong AIO Serum, I enjoyed the gentle smell so much and how cooling and fresh the serum felt on the back of my hand. It spread easily into my skin, with minimal stickiness after sinking. I do layer other additional products under and on top of this for more hydration.

I plan to incorporate this into my AM routine to see if it's any more effective in the morning, than at night.

jeju hallabong cooling shebert cream - $29

With its nourishing ingredients (kiwi,orange, lemongrass and avacado extracts) this cooling cream promises to "moisturize and protect the skin" and is recommended to apply on the face after using the AIO serum.

So far, I find the Jeju Hallabong Cooling Cream to be moisturising without being too heavy or greasy. It's the right amount of moisture I need for my dry, dehydrated skin, right now and I wish I had been able to try this sooner. The scent is still very citrus, but so pleasant and fresh, and would be best in the spring or summertime. I adore the fruit packaging--but be warned: this is huge! It's bigger than my hand!

I plan to try out the other type from TesterKorea later this year, or whenever I finish this bad boy up. The price will always make me (and my wallet) cry, though...

jeju hallabong energy moisture hand cream - $4.50

This simple hand cream comes in a fairly sizeable tube (and not another fruit shaped jar!!! ahaha...) and it's very easy to control the amount you use. The cream is pretty light, not greasy and again, smells pleasantly citrus-y! I do have a fair collection of hand creams that I rotate in use, so I'm on the line about this.

I likely won't repurchase at this time as I currently have so many hand creams, but the citrus scent is right up my alley...!

no smudge eyeliner pen - $13

I know Memebox will throw in a cheaper item in each of their boxes, a item that may not neccesarily be worth the value but man, I was so surprised! Initaly I felt so unethused about another eyeliner, but after swatching, I ate my words.

The Yeon's "No Smudge" eyeliner pen swatched cleanly. I then went to work and wahed my hands a good eight?....ten? times?? throughout my shift (retail, so hello at those germs!!) and the swatch from earlier was STILL THERE. No smudges, as the name suggests and certainly no bleeding or fading of colour. This stuff is STRONG.

I will be testing this eyeliner pen in the coming days (when I'm not sick! lmao) actually on my eyes, and with different eye primers to see how it holds up.

a bonus: here's how and where I took my pictures for this post.

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