October Favourites || 10月のお気に入り

6:19 PM

Hello! Here's a short post of my October favourites, including skincare/makeup, tv, music and a couple other things. Enjoy, under the cut!



skincare / makeup

For skincare, I have really been loving Tony Moly's I'm Real Smooth Rice Toner in the morning and at night. The toner really does live up to its name of being smooth--the apples of my cheeks are becoming consistently softer, even more than when I previously used the Kikumasamune lotion, a equally as good of a product--but different.

I've used it so much that I've used at least an inch of the bottle!

For makeup, the sole item loved this past month is probably my favorite cushion right now, for everyday looks and usage. I've practically used most of my Missha M Magic Moisture Cushion so I will be repurchasing the refill (or the whole thing, and repurpose my existing case). 

The finish was so pretty as if you had a edited filter over your face, making the skin appear softer while blurring blemishes and redness. Plus it's affordable!

Usually to set the Missha cushion (especially around the under eyes, to set my concealer), I've been using solely the Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Pore Powder with a damp sponge and either bake or pat it gently into my skin. I'm definitely repurchasing and marking this powder as a quality staple.


I've been getting back into the Gazette again, so I've been listening to all my fave older songs, as well as their newer album, DOGMA. I'm in love with the title track, DOGMA and how it runs gapless from NIHIL.

SMJ, the GazettE, 2016

WASTELAND and OMINOUS are also jams. I've also been singing along to ONE OK ROCK songs and doing karaoke!
I've been jamming to SHINee's latest mini album, 1 to 1. The whole release and concept is just phenomenal and I just want to plan a series of outfits, inspired by the MV! I've been a humble Shawol since Replay came out...uuhuhuhuuuu~~~!

Ⓒ SM Entertainment, 2016


I started and watched all four (at the time) episodes of the gay skating anime aka Yuri!!! on ICE. The animation is captivating and the story is pretty solid, so far. Both Yuris are cute!

 Ⓒ TV Asahi, Avex Pictures, 2016


On my days off and anytime I've not been at work (aka wearing my joggers/tennis shoes), I've been wearing this Calvin Klein shoes. I'm just in love with the subtle oil slick look.  They work well with leggings or jeans and shirt.

I've also been using this oversized clutch a lot. It's oversized and I love the silver colour.

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