Recent Mini-Sephora Haul (October 2016)

10:17 PM

Here's a short post of my mini-haul from Sephora, from around my birthday a few weeks ago now. I went to Tacoma Mall and picked up a couple of things:

First, enjoy both DEAN and Crush's beautiful vocals in this song:

amore pacific 500 point reward box set

Anyway, for the past year and a half, I've been hoarding ALL of my BI points because a) nothing looked good and b) usually anything remotely interesting would already be sold out. So after seeing this Amore Pacific 500 Point Reward set, I thought I'd give it a go, and walk down a dangerous path of enlightenment.

Basically, curiosity and a general air of "yolo" fueled this point spending!
I'm planning to review this box, just for shits and giggles so I won't spoil it any further.

dr jart+ water drop hydrating moisturizer

I had already posted about this on my Instagram but basically, I swatched Dr. Jart+'s Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer at my local Sephora, liked it but frowned at the $49 price. That turned out to be the wrong price y'all--it was $39 at a stand alone store, so I snatched that up so fast it gave me whiplash!

So far, the cream has been kind to my dry, desert-like face.

it's skin mini bebe hand creams x2

Next is two It's Skin Mini Bebe hand creams, in 01 Cherry Blossom (pink) and 03 Vanilla Cotton (blue), for $5 ea. Compared to online prices on Amazon, buying this at Sephora for five dollars each actually ends up being cheaper (surprisingly!). I was drawn to the cute cream character on the front--no surprise there, though!

I haven't tried them out yet but I always like to have a healthy range of hand creams in reach, so my hands aren't suffering from being too dry throughout the day.

l'occitane cherry blossom hand creme

I bought this for my mum for Christmas, but gave it to her early. She mentioned a couple of months ago tat she liked the smell so I surprised her by buying a smaller tube!

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