Recent Haul (Sephora, ULTA, TJ Maxx)

11:36 PM

Hello! I did some shopping, so I thought I'd do a quick haul post (so I wouldn't forget about it and like, never post it, ahaha!!!!) Enjoy!


I had already made one last order to help renew my VIB status for 2017, but one item did not ship. It was even on the invoice, but wasn't in the box!! I rang Sephora and the guy immediately issued a return of that amount, for the one missing item. Unfortunately, that did mean my renewal for VIB was altered--I was short!!! of $1!!!

I went to my local Sephora inside JCP store (not my favourite, but it's the closest....). Initially, I wanted to repurchase UD's All Night Setting Spray but didn't against it as I think the alcohol in it is giving me some dryness on my face, so I passed on it for now. Instead, I picked up a set of three NEST roller-ball perfumes, for $20. Since I was in store, I also got the physical VIB card.


It's embarrassing but my current hair straightener has been starting to fail--the heating tile part is starting to discolour in the middle and it's borderline a safety hazard to use!  I hadn't really had time to sit down and look at reviews, to hep me decide which brand and model is the best replacement.

ULTA had a deal going so I bought a Bedhead branded flat iron, with a mini one for free~! It's bright yellow and it rated best for thin and fragile hair--that's what I'm most excited about!

Not pictured but I also picked up a bottle of John Frieda purple conditioner, to replace my current Clarisol Shimmering Lights purple shampoo and conditioner. Those two are helping to make my hair shedd like crazy, so I needed to make a switch asap to one that doesn't contain SLS as a main ingredient. FOr now, I'll wash with the conditioner and maybe purchase the JF purple shampoo from my work on my break (as long as the Black Friday crowds aren't terribly awful, after I'm off of work....).

TJ Maxx

I didn't initially plan to buy this lot of items but with TJ Maxx, if you see something, buy it! You could always return it later if you change your mind, but if you come back later to buy it, the item is usually gone by then.

I was in need of a new can of dry shampoo and a replacement for nails scissors--my current pair are flimsy and barely even cut, so I did find some good items. I surprised myself by managing to find a Stila eyeliner--and in a colour that I've been lusting over--plus a set of Formula X nail polishes!

the full haul:
  • welcos red gingseng cleanser
  • batise dry shampoo, in cherry
  • FORMULA X the system
  • the vintage cosmetic company nail scissors
  • stila stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner - amber
  • OPI x hello kitty nail lacquor - my twin mimmy
  • a cute mug that says "it's all good" on it

I also found Crunky!!!

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