Two Gimmick-y Gel Patches That Surprisingly Worked...!

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Hello all!

Obvious click-bait title aside, I was digging through my stash the other day, in preparation for my contributions to the upcoming IG #novembermaskchallenge, hosted by @nourishtheskin and @woodnote_song.  I had grouped together most of my remaining eye gel patches for a separate review, but I saw both a TFS gel patch for the lips and a very cute Etude House cheek patch hiding in the corner of my sheet mask storage container.

Enjoy a short, first impressions review of both The Face Shop Cherry Cherry Lips Modeling Gel Patch and Etude House's Winter Proof Cheeks Patch, under the cut!

the face shop modeling gel patch

This oversized lip patch, while very much on the gimmick side of gel patches and extremely goofy, it surprisingly seemed to work. Its main function is to provide moisture to dry, chapped lips. I can agree firsthand that it did, but the effect was of of course, only temporary.

Generally my lips do get dry, year round. I do apply lip balm, but I often wipe it away if it tastes gross or it eventually transfers off if I drink from a cup or bottle throughout the day. I do lick my lips sometimes, so extra dryness ensues.  A patch like this is actually I something I should be using more often, more than once in a while.

Here is my bare face under artificial natural light (indoors) with no makeup, for reference:

Soon after removing my makeup with Kose's softmyo and cleansing with CosRX Low pH Cleanser, I patted on a toner and went back downstairs to my desk. I carefully tore open the back the packet and carefully pulled the gel patch from its plastic "bed". The back of the packet recommends a short yoga type of face exercise to help prepare your face and give the best results.

Being a visual learner, I couldn't quite get the recommended face/lip exercises, so I just turned my lips into each other and placed the patch over my lips. The line across the middle of the lip patch that mimics the two lips meeting likely should've been placed in line with my actual lips, but the patch kept slipping down from my face--the gel patch is like jelly and flops around.

The result? Its feels so goofy but would be ideal if you have multiple people in the room, so you can laugh together (or at each other! Make hilarious vines!). There is a faint (I mean faint) scent like cherries and more or less...a chemical scent! Yikes!

I left the patch on my lips for a good 40 mins, while double masking and browsing Instagram. It felt soothing but strange to have such a large patch covering a portion of my face. After removing the patch, my lips felt soft but like there was a thin film over my outer lips.

The big question:
Would I repurchase, or purchase regularly? No and maybe. I would not repurchase this particular lip patch. Despite the cute concept and goofiness, it felt too much like a gimmick. While the patch seemed to moisturize my lips, the following day, they were back to the usual chapped appearance when I first wake up. This is a good thing though: it's a reminder to invest in a lip mask, or to apply Vaseline liberally and more frequently to

I would however, purchase a similar lip patch from another competing brands, to compare. I would like to seek out the Lip Choosy masks (if they're still available).

etude house winter proof cheeks patch

Speaking as a person with rosacea, I approached using this Etude House cheek patch with little expectations. I used this at the same time as the previous lip patch, to double mask. I hoped to see some results, even just smoothing of my cheeks. I also kind of expected it to mildly hydrate but really do nothing at all.

As always, Etude House embraces the cute for even the smallest of things and their products. The pink packet comes with a pair of heart-shaped gel patches, designed to sit on the apples of the cheeks and to provide hydration while soothing redness, posting cleanser and tone. I was definitely skeptical about any redness being noticeably and near instantly calmed (the only product to date to do that has been Benton's Snail Bee Essence) but I boldly went ahead.

I had bought these patches initially from Memebox quite a while ago but meant to use them. I had kept them around for review purchases, so here I am!

Opening the packet reveals a set of two patches with a front and back paper to protect both sides of the gel patch. The two are lightly soaked in essence (not heavily dripping) and are heart-shaped. So cute!!!

The essence on the patches was a bit slimy than I'm used to, but there was extra essence to slather on my cheeks. There was a sweet scent to the essence, but nothing gross or overpowering. 

Feeling super relaxing and immersed in the self-care, I kept both masks on for a good 40 mins total--I ended up watching some YouTube videos and forgot about the time. 

My face, with freshly applied cheek patches:

When I removed the Etude House cheek patches, my redness was still there (no surprises) but my cheeks were so soft. Soft like a baby's butt! Soft like fresh sheets! That is a result I wasn't quite expecting.

Would I repurchase? Yes

I would, likely only repurchase for the wintertime and for the fact these patches hydrated my cheeks so well, with little effort. In times past, the apples of my cheeks have been extremely dry and would help to cake foundation on my cheeks but with an Korean skincare routine, I've managed to reduce that constant, daily dry flakiness to a "sometimes" once-in-a-blue-moon dry patch, especially if say, I didn't moisturize well over the period of a week or two.

A bonus; my face as I double masked:

Thank you for reading, and good night!

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