Three Lips Tints That I Have Loved This Summer (Peripera, The Face Shop, Etude House)

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Judging by the weather forecast for my area in gloomy ass WA as of late, I'd say that any remnant of summer is gone. It's time to embrace the nine month gloom! ☔️💦

Before I switch over those classic plums and berry reds in time for fall/autumn, I thought I'd share three lip tints that I've been wearing throughout this summer, with swatches and a mini-review for each tint. ✌️🏼✌️🏼✨✨✨✨

【日本語あり】 💘💘NEW BLOG POST 💘💘 . since summer is long over....its time to share my fav lip products !! ✌🏼️✨ . 💘💘 ブログ更新 💘💘 . 夏が終わったらお気に入り韓国のリップ商品の紹介いきたいと思います!✌🏼️✨ . i decided to review three of my fav lint tints from over the summer, on my blogspot! link is in bio!! . プログで夏のお気に入りのリップティント3色のレビュを書いて決めました!よかったらぜひチェックみてね!プロフィール自己紹介でリンクがそちら! . @thefaceshop.official milky moisture tint 01 strawberry pink - a beautiful #mlbb colour . #thefaceshop ミルキー モイスチャー ティント ストーベリーピンク のはキレイなMLBBの色だけど。 . @etude_official fresh cherry tint pk001 - a subtle, milky pink that is great for when at work! it smells like sugar and sweet cherries! . #etudehouse フレッシュチェリーリップティントのはミルキーなピンク色だと、よく透明な色だから仕事やバイト中おススメの色です。香りは砂糖と甘くチェリーらしいリップティントです。 . #peripera peri's tint water #1 cherry juice - watery, berry red tint! it's a super pretty colour! . #ペリペラ ぺリのティントウオター #1 チェリージュースのは薄くベリーみたい赤い口紅のティントです。すごいキレイな色だと思います! . #rasianbeauty #instamakeup #kbeauty #koreanmakeup #abblogger #review #lip #liptint #makeup #cosmetics #cosme #リップ #口紅 #メイク #コスメ #化粧品 #韓国コスメ #메이크업 #립스틱 #립틴트 #에뛰드하우스 #더페이스샵 #페리페라
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peripera peri's tint water #1 cherry juice

I bought this lip tint a good...year ago now, and despite using it at least twice a day on some days, I've barely made a dent!

Like  a red juice (as it claims to be), the tint itself is very watery and is easy to apply. I usually dab a small amount of the tint with the applicator to my lips and then blot with a tissue (or with my finger, because I'm rushing to go to work!!) to help give that subtle, berry-kissed look. Keeping layers to minimum gives a light wash of colour but it is buildable. If you want a more vibrant colour then a lipstick or liquid lipstick is a better choice.

Peripera Peri's Tint Water swatches like a watery, berry red mess--it kind of looks like blood! Beware! With one swipe (above), it looks kind of even but after blotting slightly, it looks more pleasing. After three swipes (below), the tint does begin to run.

There are cons to the Peripera Peri's Tint Waterthe tint can stain the lips too long afterwards if you apply too much and can also bleed when drink from a bottle or bleed outside your lip line or onto your teeth, as with any watery type of tint. The tint can settle into the lines of your lips too and if not blotted, or applied with a light hand, it can dry that way.  It also is easy to spill as you open the bottle lid. The key is to keep the bottle level and unscrew the lid carefully so the liquid tint won't spill out--it stains your fingers and can look like blood so beware, especially when near paler colored carpet and rugs...

That aside, I like the semi vampy colour of the tint, particularly when I wear a full coverage foundation or a dewy cushion. The berry red creates a fresh pout-y look is effortless but subtle--just remember to blot!

Initial swipe, on bottom lip:

After blotting:

the face shop milky moisture tint 01 strawberry pink

I picked up this lovely Face Shop lip tint also from Amazon, also from a good few months ago. i've been using it almost daily as an everyday lip tint--as something just to throw on to protect my lips when I don't want to just wear something basic, like Chapstick.

01 Strawberry Pink is a relatively average sized lip tint, in an everyday MLBB pink shade.  The top   The lid is bigger than some lip tints, so it is easy to twist and hold in your hand. Twisting the lid, reveals a small, angled doe-foot applicator, for precise application. Honestly, it is harder to apply on the top lip with this tint, but I seem to have that problem with most tints (it's just me, haha!)

01 Strawberry Pink swatches like a semi-sheer bubblegum pink shade on the skin; it applies smoothly and spreads evenly across the lips. The tint smells more like candy rather than strawberries, but the subtle scent is still on the sweeter side.

When applied on the lips, the Face Shop Milky Moisture tint ends making the lips soft and look healthy--even kissable. It's subtle but pretty and makes your natural lips look alive. I have more pigmented lips so the difference between my bare lips and 01 Strawberry Pink is close to unnoticeable, except my lips do become softer.

etude house fresh cherry tint pk001

Another milky tint! This affordable Etude House lip tint is definitely a wearable pink for more professional setting, but with enough colour to feel cute and like you're wearing something on your lips, or even as a gentle segue into wearing lip products

I purchased this off of Amazon about a good nine months ago, and I'm still going strong on it! The tube is easy to open and to carry around in a makeup pouch.  Just over half the tint bottle is actually the top lid, with a mini doe foot applicator inside. 
PK001 smells like a pleasant hybrid of sugar, cherries and vanilla, but the mood it creates is very cute and princess-like. The cute, pale pink tint swatches semi-sheer but the pink pigment lasts for hours if you strategically blot, soon after application.  It works best on dry, clean (and recently exfoliated lips) to help give a youthful pout. You could also layer for a more vibrant pink, or conceal the outer lipline for a gradient lip look.

The Etude House tint swatches very similar to the previous pink tint as a bright, bubblegum pink but seems less sheer and less milky in comparison. It ends up looks like a MLBB shade when applied on the lips.

This tint, along with the previously mentioned Face Shop Milky Moisture Tint, have been my go-to lip products for when I'm at work. I want to look and feel cute at work but I don't always want a bold lip (one that may transfer when I'm sweating like hell). I also slap on either tints when I'm going for a "no makeup" makeup look, just to give my lips a little pizzazz.

Thanks for reading! Comment below with your favourite lip tints, or the tints you enjoyed this summer!

Now I'm going to pull out those berry reds and vamp-y purples....uhuhuhu....!!! Good night!

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