September Favourites (Skincare & Makeup, etc.)

10:39 PM

Hello all! I don't usually do favourites posts since I don't tend to like the same things for a solid amount of time within the same month, but I though I'd give it a go.

 Here are some skincare and makeup items that I've been using the most this month, plus other items like music and TV shows that I've also shown some extra love to!


Since I was hella sick throughout last month, Evian's Water Facial Spray and the ever-so annoyingly priced (but lovely!) Laneige Water Sleeping Pack kept me looking less like a lizard in the desert. I'm still sick (still have a cough!) but I'm back to doing a more solid skincare routine, aka...touching my face, and also wearing makeup daily.

The Evian Water Facial Spray was a way to give some sort of moisture to my entire face without me having touch my skin. It also helped cool down my upper down while I had a fever. Once I was a little better, I segued into applying the Laneige pack sparingly, mostly on my cheeks and chin.


Ever since I picked up the art heaux-esque ABH Modern Renaissance palette when I was in SF, I've been incorporating at least one shade with my eye shadow looks. I love how the shadows look but also feel on the lid--they blend easy with each other and with other brands of eye shadows. 

My favourite shade has to be Red Ochre because it's pretty unique. It makes me want to be edgier and more bold with my makeup. But I really do love the entire range of colours in this ABH palette.

missha m magic cushion spf50+/PA+++ no 21

This has been my everyday cushion literally the day I got it in the mail. I've already repurchased. The cushion is a light to medium coverage and on my face, covers my redness fairly well. I'm looking to review this properly (like a deep in-depth review, more than I had originally planned to write) in the coming days, so wait for it!)

(Excuse the gross puff....!!!)

To help the cushion foundation last throughout the day, I usually set it with a Skinfood powder: either the Peach Sake Silky Pore powder or the pact version, or a mixture of the two powders

tv shows

I rewatched the first two seasons of Veronica Mars at the very end of August and throughout much of September. I enjoyed the storytelling of the show and how the mini arcs keep building and building to an intense climax.

I'm currently in season three and the first time I watched it, the sudden ending kind of bothered me, but now, it seems to fit (despite, y'know...the writer's strike, at the time. A la Gilmore Girls!)  I think there is a Veronica Mars movie, but I haven't seen it yet. I'm looking to change that as soon as I get through season three.


This past month, I've really been digging BLACKPINK's debut tracks, Whistle (휘파람) and BOOMBAYAH (붐바야).  There's just some nice bops and A+ aesthetics out right now, and BLACKPICK has that nice image going. I'm stanning them hard and definitely waiting for more track in the future!


Of actual physical CDs (of Western artists), I've been playing on repeat:
  • Grimes  - Art Angels
  • The 1975 - I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It
Grimes has a really hip vibe and I listened to most the album while at work, or at home while making art/doing crafts. Califoornia and REALiTi are my faves, but the whole album altogether has a nice vibe that should be experienced at once.

The 1975's most recent album; I've also been listening to this at work but also in the mornings as I wake up for work. My fave song is Somebody Else; there's a dismal ring to it but I enjoy how chill the entire album feels I like to turn the flash light on my phone or iPod and point it to my bedroom ceiling while this song plays. The added light helps create a mood unlike suddenly turning on the bathroom or bedroom light, after being submerged in darkness for half the night. Love Me has that classic 80s vibe and UGH! is really cute.


I've been wearing this earring pretty often, usually on the side that I part my hair on, then I tuck my hair behind that ear for a kind of 90s look.

It looks like I'm stretching my ears but I'm not--it's just an earring!

I saved the best or last: my new iPhone 5S.  I bought it in mid September!!!

I'm currently with Boost (because it's hella cheap for my budget right now...) and there was a deal going for the 5S, for $199. My previous LG phone was on the fritz with some major battery and connectivity issues so I decided it was time! I went with the 5S also because I have smaller hands and the sizes of the 6/6Plus/6S/6SPlus seem too big. The lack of headphone jack was extremely off-putting for the newly released iPhone 7 series so for now, I'm really enjoying my 5S.

I have an iPad and iPod Touch already which I use both for taking various photos for this blog and Instagram, but my iPod stores quite a chunk of music too. I tend to take both my iPod and phone with me to work. But I've been enjoying not using all my data for the month, trying to get my phone to work while at work, or trying to text and actually having the text send or receive them. Now, it's fine and bloody quick!

Thanks for reading and goodnight!

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