Kind of Birthday Shenanigans

11:21 PM

Hello!!! This week, I took an extra two paid days off of work to give myself a total of four days off of work. It has been nice...I guess....but I've spent three of them so far mostly on the phone with HP and Costco, regarding my laptop, including time spent on hold. I won't go too into it but I'm tired.

 I took a short trip to Tacoma, the day after my birthday. The weather sucked with an unbelievable downpour of rain falling in the area. The previous night has some fun with being on the phone with HP so my plans for the next were kind of...changed.
I stopped at the Metro Market lunch. The moment I sat down to eat, there was a lovely phone call from HP and lasted a good half hour--a mood killer. So I didn't get a classic flat flat of my food before stuffing it into my face. There was a small selection of handmade pizza, among other delicately fried food stuffs, along with some nice baked goods. (Screw you HP, you really fucked this shit up, on many levels! I want my paid days off of work back!!!!)

Anyway, pizza:

Since my day was shot, I just headed to the mall (one that is way cooler and bigger than my local mall) and hit up the stand alone Sephora.

On the outside entrance, there was a sign for "skinSQUAD" with various trending K-beauty products that are available at Sephora. Nice--I do wish they'd have more drugstore Korean brands too (looking at you, ULTA!) but seeing all the displays were nice. Gets my visual merchandising juices going!

I decided to smell and swatch a fair few products, including the often mentioned J.ONE Hana Cream (the one that is a jar of cream balls). You use one ball at a time, supposedly enough for a single application, flatten the ball of cream onto your skin and spread that around. The concept seems pretty cool--would I buy it? Probably, if only once.

I did also try the Jelly Pack and ick! It's way too sticky for my liking, so better I know that now.

I picked up some things from Sephora; the haul is over in this post.

I didn't take much more photos because I was so worn out emotionally and mentally from the whole HP thing. I don't know where it's going to go from here....but anyway, I went to JCP and bought some clothes which I thought I'd feature in another post + try ons.

I stopped at Krispy Kreme for some donuts. I hadn't been there for about two?? years, since I find the donuts to be too sweet. They had some Halloween themed ones out.

The donuts were too sweet still, but good.

After a drive home, but close to home, I picked up a sub sandwich from a local shop. I did half of a Philly cheese steak sub and half of a meatball sub, both slightly toasted.  So good!

Good night! Time to get through this computer drama!

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