Decanting Samples Into Containers In Hopes Of Using It Faster (Missha, Skinfood)

8:00 PM

Hello; just a quick post! 

I decided to decant two sets of samples into small plastic containers, mostly so I can properly gauge how the product actually performs.
  • missha time revolution night repair science activator (long name) ampoule
  • skinfood watery berry serum

missha time revolution night repair science activator ampoule

Some time ago, I bought a set of 10 samples and sporadically used a couple, just to gauge how much I liked the product. The "long name" ampoule is interesting....seemingly effective but also noticeably sticky.

I thought it best to decant the remaining samples into a small travel sized container, just so I can be done with these samples!

Would I purchase the full size? At this time, no. I don't enjoy the price point OR how sticky it leaves my face, no matter how soft it looks--simple as that.

skinfood watery berry serum

I did a similar thing with these Skinfood Watery Berry Serum samples, and decanted them into a smaller travel sized container, for ease of use. I had planned to write up a separate review, but it.....!

Pretty self explanatory, I'd say. The serum is clear and my thoughts so far have always been that the serum sinks into the sink fast, with the potential of needing to use more product then necessary.

Good night!

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